Entrepreneurs Rocky Haire and Richard Harmer Launch New Podcast Rock and Rich Uncomfortable

The new podcast, featuring Rocky Haire and Richard Harmer (Rock and Rich) will feature A list celebrities, top athletes, business tycoons, influencers and more!

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The two entrepreneurs and the brains behind Rock and Rich Uncomfortable announce are launching a new type of podcast. They will have featured art work, contests and a host of surprises for the listeners. Their first guest, Jason Witten, will be available Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

The new podcast, featuring Rocky Haire and Richard Harmer (Rock and Rich), will feature A list celebrities, top athletes, business tycoons, influencers and a host of exclusive subjects and uncomfortable topics. Episodes will be released one time a week – each Tuesday, with a select bonus podcast once a month. The never-before-heard stories and the behind-the-person interviews will be exclusive to Rock and Rich.

“Both Rocky and I have an insatiable appetite to find out what makes people tick and to openly discuss and explore the uncomfortable,” says Richard Harmer. “The idea to turn our everyday conversations into a podcast was born out of a passion to move people to the edge of life versus being stuck in the middle and in the everyday boring grind.”

The natural storytellers, combined with the gift-of-gab, allowed them to pursue a dream they both had, to develop a new way to connect with people and feed their curiosities. “Whether we’re talking about death, addiction, divorce, sex or talking to celebrities that have been abused, I want to know more! I want to ask the hard questions, the question we all think but are too afraid to ask. I want to get into the uncomfortable parts of life that may suck, “ said Rocky Haire. “This kind of in-depth conversation is not for everyone, but we need to be transparent and real.”


Rock and Rich Uncomfortable, is a show where everything is on the table! They discuss the parts of life we tend to avoid. Rocky Haire is an outspoken high driven entertainment agent, attorney and entrepreneur who, at times, lets his general life curiosities take him down some very interesting rabbit trails. His co-host Richard Harmer is a certified crisis communication consultant who’s worked with sports franchises, celebrities and organizations of all sizes. He brings a different perspective and doesn’t always see things as Rocky sees them. Their points, stories, topics and guests are uncomfortable, entertaining, topical and will make you think, rethink and even reevaluate your life. https://rockandrich.buzzsprout.com – Rock and Rich Uncomfortable podcast can be found on Apple, Google or wherever podcasts are found.

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