Entrepreneur and investor Kam Derakshani continues to lead local real estate market

Real estate developer and investor Kam Derakshani cements his place at the forefront of Seattle’s thriving property sector.

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kam Derakshani is a leading real estate developer, investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Seattle, Washington. First arriving in the U.S. as a teenager, Derakshani has subsequently risen to prominence at the top of the so-called Emerald City’s property market.

“Real estate demand in Seattle at present is extremely strong,” said Kam Derakshani recently, remarking on the current state of the property market within Seattle, Washington, and surrounding areas.

With a friendly business climate, a robust rental market, and a continually evolving technology sector landscape, investments made in Seattle real estate at the moment look set to generate excellent returns, particularly in the longer term, Kam Derakshani reports. “Now’s a great time to invest in the Seattle real estate market,” suggests the expert.

The Seattle housing market is currently the largest in the Pacific Northwest. In the last decade alone, the city’s population has grown by more than 18 percent, making it among the fastest-growing cities in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

It’s these and similar statistics that continue to both prove and further bolster Seattle’s track record as among the best locations for long-term real estate investment anywhere in the country.

Entrepreneur and investor Kam Derakshani has a long history of success within the real estate sector. First arriving in the U.S. at the age of just 15 with no family and no money, Derakshani has gone on to position himself at the forefront of a number of industries. Chief among these, he says, is real estate.

After arriving in the U.S. and promptly earning a college degree, to which he’s also added further post-college qualifications, Kam Derakshani quickly and successfully sought to establish himself as a respected real estate professional.

Kam Derakshani’s success has ultimately allowed him to embrace his inherently philanthropic nature. Derakshani has long supported, and continues to support, several local charities, nonprofits, and other good causes in and around Seattle and nearby.

“I believe it’s important to give something back to the community wherever possible,” Kam suggests. Derakshani has volunteered both time and funds to a variety of organizations in the area in recent years.

Outside of his work within real estate and in addition to his various charitable endeavors, Kam Derakshani is a lifelong sports fan. Derakshani is a committed Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders supporter. He looks, he says, to support his favorite professional American football and soccer teams whenever he can.

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