Elevator Management Solutions Launches Industry’s First Third-Party Elevator Maintenance Monitoring Service

Elevator Management Solutions, Inc.

Elevator Management Solutions, Inc.



Proprietary, innovative technology enables “real time” tracking of basic elevator maintenance tasks via a hand-held device

MIAMI, USA, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Elevator Management Solutions, Inc. today announced that it is launching the industry’s first nationwide third-party elevator maintenance monitoring service. Based on proprietary, innovative technology, the service enables “real time” tracking of basic elevator maintenance tasks via a hand-held device. Property managers and building owners can utilize this service to achieve higher levels of elevator and escalator service quality and compliance with relevant codes—while also reducing elevator accidents and related problems.

“Having surveyed hundreds of elevators and reviewed hundreds of maintenance contracts over many years, it became obvious that building owners and managers had become frustrated with poor elevator service and unreliable elevators,” explained Daniel Carey, CEO of Elevator Management Solutions. “The staggering cost of elevator repairs also contributed to situations where property managers felt trapped and exposed. Poor service, unreliable and unsafe elevators are caused by one thing: a poor maintenance program. The industry urgently needed a workable, economical solution. That’s what we are offering with our third-party monitoring service.”

As property owners, building managers and facility managers at government structures well know, over the past 20 years, elevator maintenance companies have reduced the time they spend on each client’s elevators and escalators. In some cases, they have more or less eliminated elevator maintenance altogether. This has resulted in the reduction of the proper level of maintenance and the diminishing of elevator reliability and safety.

Unfortunately, safety incidents and entrapments are on the rise due to this trend, with sometimes tragic results. Injuries and even fatalities can result from under-maintained elevators and escalators. These events can cause financial losses, legal liability and regulatory penalties. At a minimum, they are a harmful distraction and potentially bad for a building’s reputation.

The company’s remote monitoring service should lead to more regular and effective maintenance. The technology allows all parties involved with elevator maintenance and repairs to view all aspects of the elevator maintenance being performed. This is required per the elevator Safety Code, ASME A17.1-section 8 Maintenance. Building owners, managers and elevator companies will receive notifications and review reports of all maintenance and repairs performed. With this technology, all parties can identify potential technical problems before they become life and safety issues.

With the Elevator Management Solutions’ monitoring service, when a technician starts and completes an inspection or repair, all parties are notified in real time. The information is automatically sent to the company’s secured server for the data to be stored, where it is accessible at any time. Notifications of the elevator maintenance or repairs are automatically emailed to elevator owners and management companies to view reports and activity at any time. The technology does not require any additional work outside their initial scope of maintenance performed by the elevator technician. It is simply asking them to follow the task protocols of hand-held device and the elevator MCP.

As Carey put it, “Overall, the software acts as a compliance partner and assists in the checks and balances of elevator safety and security.” Building owners and management companies, whether large or small, are responsible by law for the elevator maintenance being performed in their buildings. Elevators are highly technical. Elevator companies contracted by the building owners are required to maintain the elevators within the building for public safety. This can be a challenging task because the work performed by the technician is not detailed enough. A monitoring device is necessary to track the specifics of the maintenance processes.

About Elevator Management Solutions, Inc.
Elevator Management Solutions, Inc. was founded by Daniel Carey and Steven Prince. Carey has over 45 years of experience in the elevator industry. His background stretches from licensed field tech to corporate management to President/CEO of Carey Elevator and Carey Cabs. He was then a self-employed independent Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) licensed elevator consultant. Prince oversees operations and development. He has an extensive background in the financial industry and with tech startup companies. Carey and Prince brought on a third partner, Charles Amashta, who oversees all technology development and future buildouts. He is a Software Engineer as well as a former college professor with emphasis on software engineering.

For more information, or to receive a demo of the technology, visit www.elevatoroversight.com

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