Electric Vehicle Data Science Consortium for Utilities Launched by E Source

E Source EV4Sight

E Source EV4Sight

Empowering utilities by using data science to continuously predict the future of electric transportation

BOULDER, CO, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Electric vehicles promise to be the primary engine for electricity growth in the coming decades as well as the pathway to a low carbon future. Load growth forecasts have been based on widely varying estimates, often extrapolating from local policy goals instead of building on relevant local data—until now. To aid utility success in this dramatically shifting landscape, E Source has launched EV4Sight, a consortium to continuously forecast the utility-specific impacts of electric transportation growth. Using our growing data hub and advanced data science, EV4Sight will also provide consortium members with ongoing insights into electric transportation charging patterns, analysis of factors that influence charging behavior, and impacts of load growth at the national, state, service-territory or distribution-feeder level. EV4Sight will address both consumer vehicles as well as key categories of commercial and fleet vehicles.

“Utilities are facing considerable risk exposure if they either under or over build in anticipation of electric vehicle demand, and regulators and policy-makers want hard data to support investments. We also know that electric load growth will be very uneven, with some regions, and even neighborhoods, having vastly different trajectories of adoption,” explains Bill LeBlanc, E Source’s Chief Instigation Agent.

EV4Sight consortium members will have access to continuously updated dashboards powered by forecasting models rooted in advanced data science techniques. The data includes charging load shapes, EV owner data records, and proprietary market insights on every household and business in the U.S. E Source, through its partner Rolling Energy Resources, will enroll 100 consumer vehicles in each consortium member’s service territory to collect detailed real-time information on charging location and speed of charge, miles traveled, and state of battery charge. Members are encouraged to also add their own data, such as charging load shapes/AMI data, rate designs, and customer program participation, to develop granular and accurate load forecasts. As the EV markets rapidly evolve, the projections will too.

“Today, we just don’t know what the real influences and levers are of EV adoption. Similarly, we aren’t aware of what affects charging habits the most.” explains Ted Schultz, President of E Source Data Science. “For consumer EV adoption, is it gas prices, number of public charging stations, model availability, EV range, or something that is hidden from us? For commercial vehicles, is rate design, range, managed charging, vehicle cost or other factors that are the biggest influencers? That’s where data science will provide consortium members the tools you need in an ongoing basis to help manage the grid of the future.”

With dozens of utilities all pooling their data along with E Source’s proprietary data sets, advanced data science within EV4Sight will enable us to discern which utility programs, rate designs, policies, and activities work best with various target groups of customers under varying driving conditions. “E Source’s long-standing role of bringing together utilities to solve big problems will allow each EV4Sight consortium member to learn from all the other utilities’ programs and approaches and EV data without having to conduct those experiments themselves,” explains LeBlanc. “We are just at the beginning of this EV growth curve, which means markets will be shifting dramatically over the coming decade, necessitating real time analysis of this complex addition to our electric grid throughout the coming decade.”

Don’t risk unplanned EV load growth! Become an EV4Sight consortium member today by visiting www.esource.com/ev4sight or contact us at ev4sight@esource.com or 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).

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