EDZCOM’s pioneering 5G Architecture Edge Connectivity to optimize Steveco’s port operations with vendor Athonet

EDZCOM, the Nordic market leader in Edge Connectivity, with vendor, Athonet, delivers tailor-made wireless connectivity to port operator Steveco in Kotka

KOTKA, FINLAND, March 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

EDZCOM, the Nordic market leader in Edge Connectivity, is one of the first providers to implement 5G technology for industrial, business-critical use. In cooperation with their technology vendor, Athonet, a company providing an in-house software-based LTE/5G connectivity platform, EDZCOM has delivered tailor-made wireless connectivity solutions to port operator Steveco’s terminals in Mussalo and Hietanen in Kotka, Finland.

Port and logistics systems are usually limited by the amount of data and information that can be shared using current technology. 5G addresses these issues by offering higher transfer speeds, lower latency and greater data density compared to existing platforms. In areas where hundreds of sensor devices communicate across the same network, such as harbors, these features play an all-important role in boosting productivity and security. Solution based on 5G architecture, EDZCOM’s Edge Connectivity networks are local, fully autonomous and geo redundant, making them suitable for business-critical usage in demanding environments.

Steveco’s needs for its port terminals in Mussalo and Hietanen were threefold: securing operational continuity, improving efficiency and obtaining real-time container handling data.

Edge Connectivity solutions ensure a reliable and continuous connection, allowing terminal operations at Mussalo and Hietanen to flow 24/7 year-round. The geo redundant autonomous on-site installation infrastructure provides business resiliency against catastrophic events, natural disasters or other situations that might result in network or data outages for a period of time.

In addition, the indoor and outdoor coverage for vehicles in the harbor area enables seamless ship-land communication that in turn optimizes port operations. Machine operators now have complete visibility of ships being loaded or unloaded in real time and can monitor operations in the entire terminal area. As a result, security is improved through situational awareness, enhancing operational efficiency. Wirelessly connected cameras on cranes will be able to provide real-time video streaming and analytics to track any damage to cargo in the terminal’s custody and substantiate responsibility for insurance purposes, should such an incident occur. All these factors contribute to reducing ships’ turnaround time, maximizing container terminal throughput and securing port assets.

“When data doesn’t flow, that causes a domino effect. The initial cost for us would be significant in terms of lost work and lost turnover. Aside from allowing us to manage the continuity of port operations efficiently, EDZCOM’s Edge Connectivity solutions provide security—no need to worry about hacking or reliance of public telecom networks since a private core network is in use and it’s on our site,” says Karri Kangas, System Analyst, Steveco.

“It is important to ensure 24/7 year-round continuity of business-critical operations by providing reliable connectivity across the full indoor and outdoor terminal area, and this is what our system empowers Steveco to do. Our focus has always been on providing best-in-class technologies that suit evolving customer needs. Now we are enabling our customers to smoothly transition to 5G in a timely manner. We believe that 5G will unlock even greater benefits, especially for enterprises such as Steveco that require continuity for critical operations, efficient assets management, and guaranteed security and safety,” says Mikko Uusitalo, CEO, EDZCOM.

“We see EDZCOM as a market leader in bringing independent private networks to enterprises. Working together with EDZCOM on optimizing Steveco’s port operations, Athonet’s connectivity platform manages and controls all of the radios, devices and spectrum throughout the entire ecosystem of each terminal. In essence, we have taken this complex mobile operator technology and our software has made it consumable for Steveco in a simple, intuitive and cost-effective way, without compromising on the reliability,” says Nanda Menon, Director of Corporate Development, Athonet.

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