Edamam To Offer Its Nutrition Analysis Tool Free Of Charge

Full nutrient, diet and allergen content of any meal, recipe or ingredinet list.

Edamam creates accurate detailed nutriton analysis in real time.

Edamam powers nutrition for world-leading brands such as Food Network, Barilla, and Microsoft.

Edamam is the premier B2B provider of nutrition data to recipe owners, food media, restaurants and catering companies.

Edamam offers an industry leading nutrition analysis tool for free

Edamam is offering the full functionality of its Nutrition Wizard for free to dietitians, food service professionals, and diet trackers.

Driven by our mission to make nutrition data available as broadly as possible and help people make the right daily food choices, we opted to offer the Nutrition Wizard for free to small businesses.”

— Victor Penev, Edamam CEO and Founder

NEW YORK, NY, US, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Edamam, a leading provider of nutrition data solutions to businesses in the food, health and wellness industries, will start offer its well-received nutrition analysis tool, dubbed Nutrition Wizard, free of charge to health professionals, restaurants, food manufacturers, and people tracking their meals. The Nutrition Wizard is a web-based application that uses natural language understanding in order to provide real-time, highly accurate nutrition analysis, diet and allergen tagging of any food, recipe or ingredient list.

Users simply get type or copy and paste the foods or recipes they want analyzed and the Nutrition Wizard instantly produces full nutrient analysis with detail for macronutrients such as amount for trans fats, fiber and added sugar, as well as the content of all vitamins and minerals. In addition, the Nutrition Wizard automatically calculates the applicability or diet warning for the analyzed foods and meals for all known allergens and most popular lifestyle diets, such as vegan, keto or low-sodium. Lastly, the Nutrition Wizard also calculates the percentage of recommended daily intake that the analyzed meal has for each macro and micronutrient.

“For food, health and wellness business that do not have engineering teams to use our Nutrition Analysis or Food Database APIs, the Nutrition Wizard is a very easy to use and convenient tool”, explained Victor Penev, Edamam’s CEO and Founder. “Driven by our mission to make nutrition data available as broadly as possible and help people make the right daily food choices, we opted to offer the Nutrition Wizard for free to all such small businesses and leverage the data they generate to provide solutions for meal planning and food search to our larger clients,” added Victor Penev

The Nutrition Wizard has a number of features that speak directly to the needs of restaurants or dietitians that analyze their clients’ needs. Specifically, each analyzed ingredient in a recipe or meal can quickly be replaced with similar ingredients to see the impact on nutrient content and diet restrictions. Also, users will be able to save an analyzed recipe as an ingredient and use it as a component of a new recipe. This recipe-within-recipe functionality is particularly sought after by restaurants and catering businesses that have a lot of preps and proprietary recipes they use to build more sophisticated meals.

“Notably, we make sure that the recipes submitted by our users is safeguarded within their account and not available to anyone else. This is very important to restaurants that have proprietary recipes. We leverage only the nutrition data, not the recipe and ingredients themselves,” continued Penev.

Edamam has analyzed recipes for over 600 restaurants and a number of catering companies, including such well-known brands as fresh&co in New York and The Plant Café in Northern California. Many dietitians already use the Nutrition Wizard for their work as it is highly accurate and very fast. Now, being free, will give them even more incentive to use it.

About Edamam
Edamam organizes the world’s food knowledge and provides nutrition data services and value-added solutions to health, wellness and food businesses. Using a proprietary semantic technology platform, it delivers real-time nutrition analysis and diet recommendations via APIs. Edamam’s technology helps customers answer for their clients the perennial question: “What should I eat?”

Edamam’s partners and clients include Nestle, Amazon, The Food Network, The New York Times, Microsoft and Barilla.

For more information, please visit www.edamam.com or developer.edamam.com.

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