École des Ponts Business School Signs Landmark Trilateral Memorandum of Collaboration on Circular Economy Upskilling

Statement By Alon Rozen

Statement By Alon Rozen

Signatories to the Trilateral Memorandum

The business practices, corporate ethos and innovative curiosity of one of the most prominent Business Schools are aligned with the Paris Agreement.

CITé DESCARTES, FRANCE, March 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) of the École des Ponts Business School is an internationally-renowned business school, located near the centre of Paris. The eminent school’s approach is a derivative of the long history of academic excellence of its alma mater – the École des Ponts ParisTech (aka the ENPC). The so-called ‘mother’ of the business school, which was originally created by King Louis XV in 1747 and officially became the first ever Civil Engineering School in the world. Today the École des Ponts is known for Sustainable Development, the Energy Transition, Advanced materials and computer modeling. With this backdrop, the CERC has undertaken an industry-leading role in the fundamentally crucial research initiatives designed by the European Union in order to tackle the reformation and restructuring of the current multidisciplinary business models in the Circular Economy. This initiative adopts a key focus on the subjects of: a) innovation and entrepreneurship, b) circular economy and development, c) leadership management, and d) the transformation of the digital economy.

In light of the Circular Economy Action Plan – an action plan drafted and launched by the European Commission for the sole purpose of incentivising a prolific degree of industrial transformation and consequently achieving a much more ‘viable, sustainable, and environmentally resilient’ production and consumption model, the renowned Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) of the École des Ponts Business School has signed an innovative Memorandum of Collaboration with The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as with the Circular Economy Alliance.
This is in accordance with the Pact for Skills, a flagship initiative launched by the European Commission in October of 2020, which was drafted to combat the work-barriers affecting: a) social equality & equity, b) sustainable levels of competitiveness, and c) social unity in the workplace and consequently upskill and restructure the prolific workforce across Europe.

The aforementioned trinity of collaboration may undoubtedly be indicative of the future commitment that is likely to be afforded in providing the working community of Cyprus with extensive, robust, specialised knowledge and commercial awareness in relation to the Circular Economy.
This innovative and research-driven response of the CERC and the Circular Economy Alliance will unequivocally provide unparalleled support to the diligent efforts of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and consequently help ensure that the aforementioned Cypriot workforce- which includes over 8000 business entities, will always be armed with the necessary skills and knowledge to allow for a robust economic transition and consequently ensure the competitiveness of the Cypriot services at European and Global scale.

Accordingly, the Circular Economy Research Center of the École des Ponts Business School and the Circular Economy Alliance have decided to release a glimpse of the prolific field-related knowledge they have analytically examined and make it available to the members of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry- ensuring a holistic level of specialty.
Alon Rozen, Dean of the École des Ponts Business School, has gone on the record acknowledging the fundamental and symbolic importance of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry in relation to the healthy transition of the European Circular Economy, and has additionally commented on the fact that ‘’we (the École des Ponts Business School) are always extremely pleased to work hand in hand with a plethora of leading industries which allow us to better comprehend their specific requirements and produce tailored and pragmatic commercial solutions.’’

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”- Albert Einstein

About École des Ponts Business School
École des Ponts Business School is the business school of École des Ponts ParisTech. It has a long-standing reputation of prestige and was founded by royal decree of King Louis XV in 1747.

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