EARTHPACK Growing into 2021

How pandemic pivots saved EARTHPACK and set the recycled packaging company up for its best year yet, while helping its customers improve their sustainability.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 29, 2021 / — EARTHPACK, the innovative recycled packaging company, is pleased to announce exciting growth and sustainable innovation, despite the challenges presented due to COVID-19. EARTHPACK, known as the recycled retail packaging go-to for actions sports and fashion brands for more than 30 years, not only out-maneuvered problems it had never faced before, but also expanded its packaging options, warehouse space, and increased its ecommerce division five times.


Operating from the heart of commerce in Southern California, the small business faced the now-familiar juggling act of new work limitations, shrinking customer orders, and figuring out how to overcome these initial losses in a rapidly changing business landscape, while prioritizing worker’s health and continuing to pay the bills. CEO and Founder Dave Bock immediately made the move of cutting his own pay by 50% to take care of his employees and help minimize losses. After a period of remote office work and two brothers manning all warehouse services, EARTHPACK – an essential business given it provides integral components to grocers, restaurants and other industries – was able to transition back to hybrid work schedules and an official return to the office full-time on June 1.

“Keeping all employees on staff with full pay and benefits was a professional necessity,” said EARTHPACK founder Dave Bock. “We are happy to report we were able to do that safely, always keeping in mind the health of the team.”


By summer, it had become clear there was a new growth opportunity for EARTHPACK to tap into—ecommerce packaging. The shift from in-person shopping to ecommerce presented enormous potential to make up for lost sales, and EARTHPACK dove in, investing in additional warehouse space and raw material sources for ecomm-related products and customization, including but not limited to: Polymailers, envelopes, shipping boxes, tissue, labels and tape. Though the ecommerce packaging space is competitive and challenging in its own right, EARTHPACK grew this new category exponentially.

Now, nearly a year after the pandemic hit, EARTHPACK has pivoted so new customers can start on a smaller scale,” Bock said. “Even if they use plain recycled packaging with custom touches like labels, tape or tissue, it makes a huge difference on a company’s brand impact. With the enormous growth of delivery-based services worldwide, it’s more important than ever for businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

In addition to creating fully customizable eco-conscious packaging, EARTHPACK manages customer inventory, has in-house artists for custom products and branding, and sets up online ordering sites for new businesses. Using Vietnamese manufacturers that eliminate the China Tariff, and raw goods that are U.S.-made, EARTHPACK is able to keep customers’ cost down while still sourcing U.S. products.

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Earthpack is an innovative recycled packaging company, based in Irvine, California, that supplies fashion-forward bags and boxes to eco-conscious retailers across the country. Earthpack works with each client individually to custom design cutting-edge, repurposed packaging. By providing comprehensive distribution services and inventory management, we can supply quality materials for businesses of all sizes. Earthpack’s wide range of clients includes: Jack’s Surfboards, Vans, Zumiez, Volcom, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks, and various independent retailers throughout the nation. Since its founding by Dave Bock in 1989, recycling and preserving the environment remains Earthpack’s primary mission. Today, Earthpack continues meeting the changing needs of an environmentally aware retail community, making it an industry leader in eco-friendly packaging. Furthering these efforts, Earthpack proudly supports and promotes environmental organizations like Surfrider Foundation, SIMA Environmental Fund, Ocean Institute, Alaska Wilderness League, and SurfAid International.


Amanda Pennington
Shout Public Relations

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