Earth on The Edge Environmental Activism Website Launches April 2021

Primary Mission is Battling Invasive Species and Restoring Ecosystems

HAPPY VALLEY, OREGON, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2021 / — Earth on the Edge Launches before 51st Anniversary of Earth Day.

We are running out of time to reverse the extreme effects of climate change. 2020 saw 30 named Atlantic storms (more than double the yearly average), record high carbon dioxide levels, an apocalyptic wildfire season, and a heat wave in the arctic. These examples are all evidence of a growing crisis.

The point of no return is already in sight. We all need to join forces around the globe and slow the negative impacts of climate change. Monte Harris, a native of Milwaukie, a suburb of Portland, Oregon, has been an early leader in demanding environmental solutions in the Portland Metro Area. He is launching a new organization called Earth on The Edge ( The launch is taking place in April to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Earth Day.

Earth on The Edge is dedicated to the creation of community-backed climate coalitions. Its mission is to provide hope, inspiration, and education about immediate steps we can all take in our own communities. Besides being a focal point for climate change actions, it will organize volunteer groups dedicated to slowing the damaging effects of climate change by focusing on pollution, habitat loss, and invasive species, one neighborhood at a time.

Harris hopes to demonstrate to as many people as possible the ways we can all become better caretakers of Planet Earth. We can all do something right now, he insists. Feeling helpless, looking the other way, and not doing our part is not an option. Earth on The Edge is a grass roots undertaking, intended to help people clean up their communities and build and restore natural habitats in their own parks, greenspaces, and backyards. Harris feels a personal responsibility to lead the charge and he intends to lead by example. Harris has personally removed English Ivy from over 1900 trees in 10 Clackamas County parks in the last 12 months. English Ivy is an invasive species that kills trees and creates a dense mono-culture ground cover, which makes the habitat unsuitable for wildlife and native plants.

Main Project Focus for 2021 is to save the trees of Goat Island, West Linn, Oregon. Goat Island is an Island in the Willamette River and is home to a Blue Heron Rookery. It is a nesting site for up to 38 mating pairs of Blue Herons. This critical Habitat is threatened by a massive Ivy Infestation. This is “Old Growth Ivy” that has been on the trees far too long. Without intervention soon critical habitat will be lost. In a joint venture with Steve Miesen, Park Steward for Burnside Park West Linn, Oregon, together they have taken Ivy off 85 trees on the far end of the island without disturbing the Herons. It is a Joint Venture in Preparation for a 2-day volunteer event in mid-July, after the young Herons have left their nests. The intent is to save as many trees as possible in those two days, with primary focus on saving the Rookery Trees.

Focused group efforts and resolute determination regarding environmental and climate challenges can make a huge difference. “Imagine if just 10 percent of the world population joined forces, creating an intercontinental eco-friendly workforce to solve some of the issues causing climate change.” says Harris. “800 million people joining together could help turn things around.”

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