Dutch Ag-tech Company Smartkas Enters The Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Smart Agricultural Project To Launch Green Bond For 25 Million Euros

Smartkas B.V (FRA: ISIN GB00BMG7PR03 EUR)

AMSTERDAM, NORTH HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS, March 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bedford Row Capital PLC (“BRC”), a global non-bank structuring specialist, today announces that it has been mandated by SMARTKAS B.V, for a listed ICMA- compliant green bond offering of EUR 25 million.

Sustainable Capital (recognised on the NASDAQ Sustainable Bond Network) will issue a EUR ICMA-compliant Green Bonds (19th April 2021) on behalf of SMARTKAS to finance the construction of five Smart Farm facilities in high profile cities in Europe, which are backed by local governments and secured by off-takers. The projects will be located in London, Monaco, Amsterdam, Munich and Toulouse. Furthermore, the proceeds will secure assets, cash flow, further locations and off-takers for further development and growth of SMARTKAS, increasing revenue and accelerating asset value.

SMARTKAS is an Agtech enterprise that is currently disrupting the agriculture industry by fusing solutions found in hydroponic greenhouses along with high precision farming tech to provide Food Security As A Service.

In 2015, the international community, as part of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development, set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are essential to the vision of SMARTKAS, therefore, as a company, the SMARTKAS solution is conscious towards sparing water, preventing soil erosion, and improving the health and well-being of the population, all in a green and sustainable way. SMARTKAS is an innovator and pioneer in water, energy and CO2 management and prides itself on being able to live up to the requirements of several SDGs, whilst providing organic and pesticide free fruit and vegetables 365 days a year.

Dr Scott Levy, CEO of BRC, said: “We are immensely proud to provide our expertise to SMARTKAS. We are highly committed to this sector as a growing asset class due to the fundamental positive impact for the environment. The green credentials of this project are vitally important in current times and we are pleased to work closely with the excellent team at SMARTKAS to ensure the highest sustainability standards.”

Dr David Meszaros, CEO of SMARTKAS, said: “It’s a huge recognition that SMARTKAS will be launching their green bond on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, especially one that focuses on five high profile cities in Europe that will act as the cornerstone for NetZero supply chains globally. Our focus is to provide these cities with organic and pesticide free fruits and vegetables in a sustainable, as well as energy and water neutral environment. Keeping in line with the Farm to Fork agenda of the European Union, the NetZero supply chain of SMARTKAS means that from start to finish, from seed to the plate of the consumers the entire process will be done using strictly renewable resources and a carbon neutral approach. SMARTKAS will plant, grow, harvest and deliver to its customers in a fully clean and green way. ”

Unique Features of SMARTKAS:
● NetZero Supply Chain
● January-December farming
● Organic and Pesticide free
● Clean & Green Energy
● Self-sustaining and fully optimized water supply
● Emission free local food
● High annual productivity per land area
● High weight percentage of marketable parts
● High-quality plants
● High reproducibility and predictability of yield and quality
● High traceability throughout the supply chain

SMARTKAS is an AgTech enterprise disrupting the industry by fusing solutions found in hydroponic greenhouses with high precision farming tech; utilizing the best of both worlds. SMARTKAS is driven by AI, Drones & Robotics, as well as a cutting edge Cloud-Computing Software. Their advanced greenhouse units are hermetically closed; the inputs (energy, water, CO2) are automatically controlled, enabling a pesticide-free production line. Hybrid lighting allows for 24/7 growth, with stable (high) yield year-around. Ideal for countries dependent on import; bringing Food Security As A Service.

BEDFORD ROW CAPITAL PLC (“BRC”) is an award-winning provider of global structured securities solutions which includes the issuance of investment grade bonds, senior secured conventional debt, short-dated notes, delta-one trackers and Shari’a compliant certificates. The use of standard settlement infrastructure, combined with Bedford Row’s proprietary information systems, offers an innovative level of transparency and security for both issuers and investors. In a fast-growing market, Bedford Row is ranked inside the top 100 originators and one of the leading non-banks in the market.

SUSTAINABLE CAPITAL PLC (recognised on the NASDAQ Sustainable Bond Network) is a UK based issuer which offers a flexible, quick to market solution for green / sustainable issuances providing a comprehensive service platform, which offers end to end solution including structuring support, on-going administration, listing and clearing on international clearing systems. It offers a time and cost-efficient solution to its customers and issues bonds compliant to international green bond standards. The mentioned bond is referenced on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the ISIN GB00BMG7PR03 EUR

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