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Educators Can Now Spark Passion for a Rigorous STEM Education using Tello Drones

DroneBlocks empowers educators to motivates student achievement in critical STEM fields through inviting drone programming and potent computer science courses accredited for K-12 education.”

— David Erath

AUSTIN, TX, USA, April 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Expanding STEM Education strategies aim to overcome barriers to engagement in high-technology learning. National competitiveness relies on instilling scientific and computational skills at an early age within budget constraints. As a result, motivated educators often utilize coding and programming curricula through an array of free, unsupported tools and hands-off, recorded lectures. To solve this problem/Providing a solution? EdTech leader DroneBlocks seeks to re-energize young learners with Tello drones and a three-part “Advanced Python” course to blend essential computer science lessons and create a complete, DIY education:

– Open-source Computer Vision (OpenCV)
– Tello Python 3 programming (DJITelloPy)
– DroneBlocks’ Tello Script Runner
– Machine Learning algorithms (ML)
– Arts-inclusive Neural Style Transfers (NST)

Authored by Pat Ryan, the course propels their mission to make computer science engage K-12 students. Through drone programming—DroneBlocks synergizes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics within the appealing, paced modules.

Among hundreds of lessons in multiple programming languages through the DroneBlocks Membership, these “Advanced Python” courses will generate enthusiasm for drone curriculum through Tello video feeds, NST, drone navigation, making/designing, and project-based learning. Students will install Python packages, run commands, use Jupyter Notebook, stream live video, run Tello scripts, and more. Even without drone access, educators can satisfy STEM and even CTSA standards through a fresh take on Python coursework as students meet major policy goals:

– Learn fundamental computer science concepts from elementary school.
– Fulfill graduation-ready computer science coursework with STEM credit.
– Study essential scientific concepts to enter the workforce and higher education.
– Easily access STEM education despite underrepresentation in their community.

Supporting educators and fulfilling administrative standards, DroneBlocks’ “Advanced Python” courses enfold students into the joys of computer science. Educators can schedule a call with DroneBlocks to begin hand-in-hand enrollment in their new, extensive and innovative coursework.

David Erath
DroneBlocks LLC
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