Dr. Katie Boston-Leary of The Reach Initiative to be Featured on Close Up Radio

MIDDLETOWN, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As healthcare becomes more complex, the demands are higher, but patients are only getting sicker. Technology can temporarily mitigate these problems, but the real solution is stronger leadership.

Nurses represent the largest healthcare workforce. Unfortunately, there are now more nurse leaders leaving the profession than entering it. Nursing shortages, high turnover, and budgetary shortfalls affect clinicians, executives and ultimately, patients. The key to moving forward is having strong nurse leaders who are willing to advocate for nursing in the C-suite.

With nearly 20 years of leadership experience as a chief nursing officer and healthcare executive, Dr. Katie Boston-Leary is aware of the challenges healthcare professionals face, and the effect it has on both them and their patients.

Dr. Boston-Leary is the founder of The Reach Initiative, where she guides and supports healthcare professionals toward greater collaboration, patient care quality and job satisfaction. Dr. Boston-Leary provides outreach and support to people in the healthcare field, specifically nurses, to provide them with tools to advance and grow in their careers.

“As strong bedside nurses move into advanced practice, the preparedness of less experienced nurses becomes a concern,” says Dr. Boston-Leary. “There’s this dynamic of nurses eating their young. Just because someone has experience, doesn’t mean they are a mentor, a leader. Are we really helping people learn to mentor someone else?”

Teamwork, competency, and comradery define the nursing profession. Nurses can improve quality and outcomes, enhance an organization’s culture, and build relationships with patients, colleagues, and the community.

And yet there is simply not enough diversity in nursing leadership. Dr. Boston-Leary is dedicated to advancing nurses up the career ladder while meaningfully addressing the lack of diversity in healthcare leadership.

“Diversity is merely an invitation to the party; inclusivity is an invitation to dance,” says Dr. Boston-Leary. “When you show up as a BIPOC woman in a leadership role, you must jump higher and go faster. So it’s about tearing down what we’ve always believed in to break through.”

Dr. Boston-Leary was fortunate enough to have mentors and supervisors who saw her potential for leadership. She helps clients think differently, and extend themselves beyond the patient’s journey.

“If what we’ve experienced in the last a year has not shown us how important leadership is, I don’t know what other example I can give,” says Dr. Boston-Leary. “I’m proud of how nurses have stepped up to the plate.”

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