Dr. Jay Grossman and His Charity Win Best of Los Angeles Award- “Best Homeless Charity – 2021”

Dr. Jay Grossman and Associates

“We’re honored to include Jay Grossman and Homeless Not Toothless, in our BoLAA family.” ~Aurora DeRose

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Jay Grossman, President of Homeless Not Toothless, wins Best of Los Angeles Award – “Best Homeless Charity – 2021”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed five years ago and consists of over 7,400 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places, and things in Los Angeles with the slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

“The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles, and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. “We’re honored to include Dr. Jay Grossman and Homeless Not Toothless in our BoLAA family.”

Dr. Jay Grossman founded Homeless Not Toothless in 1992 when he decided that it wasn’t enough to just give money and leftover food to the homeless people he happened to pass by on the street. Rather than handing a homeless man a dollar bill, he decided to hand the man his business card.

Within seven months of that act, Grossman had performed over a hundred free procedures for the homeless. As more and more homeless patients began walking into his office, Dr. Grossman decided to expand his space and seek partnership. This partnership was found with the Venice Family Center, an organization that provides free healthcare services to the underserved.

With the help of the Venice Family Center, guidelines were created for what is now known as Homeless Not Toothless. Patients must prove at least 90 days of sobriety, as well as be actively engaged in finding work. Over three dozen dental practices now offer Homeless Not Toothless services. As of today, the impact of Homeless Not Toothless has reached over 100,000 patients, providing more than $7.7 million in services.

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