Dr. Cletus Georges, MD, Plans to Release Updated Version of Urology-Themed Site

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Individuals who would like to get their urinary and reproductive health questions answered will soon be able to access an upgraded educational blog site by urologist Dr. Cletus Georges, MD. The updated website is slated to be released on March 30.

The current version of the urology blog site can be found at www.drcletusgeorgesmd.com. According to Dr. Georges, the site has garnered high online rankings for numerous keywords since its launch. This motivated him to implement changes to the site to better meet his readers’ needs and add value for them. The upcoming site, Version 2.0., will reflect these changes, Dr. Georges said.

On the current site, Dr. Georges provides essential information about the genitourinary tract, whose multiple organs include the urethra, urinary bladder, kidneys, male reproductive organs, and adrenal glands. Specifically, readers can learn how to address the various types of health issues that may crop up in this part of the body. These include stress urinary incontinence, kidney stones, bladder cancer, and urinary tract infections in women.

For instance, readers can find out the various stress urinary incontinence risk factors, including previously giving birth to a child vaginally. In addition, they can discover the various ways in which doctors may diagnose kidney stones, ranging from medical imaging to blood testing and urine testing.

The site furthermore highlights the most common signs of bladder cancer, such as frequent urination as well as discomfort or pain during urination. In addition, Dr. Georges uses the site to call attention to symptoms of urinary tract infections, including lower abdomen pain near one’s hips.

All in all, Dr. Cletus Georges, MD, said the goal of the website is to help readers to confidently identify and better understand the urinary or reproductive issues they may be struggling with. He said he looks forward to continuing to educate his readers with the soon-coming Version 2.0 of the website.

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Cletus Georges
Cletus Georges

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