Disrupt Marketing Supporting Independent Talent to Stay in Control of their Careers

The company leverages its experience in social media, marketing, and branding to help clients drive more revenue from the very start.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The founders of Disrupt Marketing are pleased to announce they have been successfully supporting independent talent to stay in control of their careers and generate more revenue.

Operated by Lauren Smith and Garrett Mandigo, Disrupt Marketing is a marketing and branding agency that has been in business for the past three years. Initially founded by Garrett, the company’s original focus was to help scale local businesses across Los Angeles – designing and implementing effective marketing campaigns. While Garrett was pleased with his business’s success, he knew he wanted to do more in support of those who need it most.

Enter Lauren – Garrett’s high school sweetheart who had been working as a professional actress and model for over fifteen years. Laruen, who had been managed by many agencies, and often men with ill intentions, was ready to break free of a toxic management contract. Like Garrett, she also wanted to help others, particularly women suffering the same experiences she had gone through.

After many years apart, when the two were reunited, they quickly realized they shared the same goals. Together, Garrett and Lauren decided to refocus the work of Disrupt Marketing from scaling businesses to Talent Management and Marketing. Through this work, the dynamic duo leverages digital marketing tools and social media campaigns to manage talent, build brands, and scale through targeted marketing. Their primary focus? Independent talent, such as artists, models, OnlyFans creators, content creators, YouTubers, personal brands, and even fitness coaches.

“When COVID hit, this is when we made the decision to change our primary focus,” says Lauren. “By then, I’d scaled my subscription content streams to 5-figures and signed on other models to help scale their accounts through automation and brand management. Garrett, also known as GMoney, has a background in music and has signed several upcoming artists to manage, as well as working with even more artists, managers, and labels as a marketing partner and business advisor. We couldn’t be more pleased with our progress so far.”

Disrupt Marketing provides independent talent with support that enables them to stay in control of their career and drive more revenue through leveraging the company’s expertise in social media, marketing, and branding. The company’s services include:

● Social media growth/management
● Press/industry placement/promo
● Content creation
● Marketing campaigns
● Lead generation
● Brand coaching
And so much more

For more information about Disrupt Marketing, please visit www.disruptyourspace.com.

About Disrupt Marketing

Disrupt Marketing is an on and offline branding and marketing company with over 10 years of sales and marketing experience. The company helps independent talent to build a powerful brand identity, tell their story to the world through engaging content, create high-converting marketing campaigns, and much more.

Lauren Smith, Garrett Mandigo
Disrupt Marketing
+1 305-916-0498

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