Diane Walter Shares Christian Prose, Lyrics Penned “Over the Years: My Poems, Songs and More!”

Over the Years: My Poems, Songs and More!

Over the Years: My Poems, Songs and More!

Diane Walter

Diane Walter

Pieces recount college experiences, Christian religious thoughts, and more

AUSTRALIA, March 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Diane Walter invites her readers to join her in a journey of emotions, experiences, moving life moments and calming ruminations. Her collection of writings – an eclectic blend of prose, poetry and music – presents a tapestry of life that unfolded “Over the Years.”

Having lived quite a rich life, Diane has no shortage of experiences to draw from. She performed as a dancer and ice skater, her artistic pursuits include poetry, songwriting and crafting plays. This holistic sum is what she taps into in the pages of “Over the Years: My Poems, Songs and More!” A wellspring of diverse moments that she transmutes into a tapestry of rhyme, verse and prose to describe a variety of emotions, and they include poems, songs, and notes for a play. These writings also delve into deeply personal matters of Diane’s Christian faith as she conveys her thoughts and beliefs, tying them together with personal experiences that readers can relate to.

An excerpt of Diane Walter’s poetry reads:

“Cold Snow
She placed her hands on the cold, cold snow,
As if to feel the beat of her child’s heart
That beat no more but lay beneath The cold, cold snow.”

She also writes about animals, social observations and the people she’s met over the years. Her collection of writings is a quintessential form of self-expression that has the potential to inspire and motivate readers, perhaps provide them with guidance for their own life journeys, and at the very least an entertaining and compelling reading experience.

About the Author
Diane Walter is a poet, songwriter, crafter of plays, as well as a dancer, professional ice skater and performer. Aside from ice skating professionally in Australia, she worked as a stenographer, secretary, competed in amateur ballroom and other forms of dancing, and travelled widely. She also has diplomas in Community Services and Case Management after working for 21 years with disabled children and young adults. She has had poems published due to participation in public competitions, some of which are now in the Library of Congress in America. A dedicated Christian, Diane Walter’s ministries have included teaching English as a second language, a Postal Sunday School and teaching Scripture at church and in local public schools.

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