Denver-Based Tech Consultancy, Quandary Consulting Group, to Help Scale Professional Service Organizations

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 / — After several months and a lot of hard work and development, Quandary Consulting Group would like to announce that it is expanding its focus to include professional services focused-businesses. While they will continue to support a range of businesses with custom application development and integrations, they’ve chosen to specialize in growing professional services organizations.

“Professional Services firms are at a disadvantage over product companies as they require people to grow. The ever-important internal staff is hard to come by as margins are tight during growth phases. Having a partner on your side to reduce your risk and give access to data is a gamechanger. And having someone that understands the firm needs from a data and process perspective can essentially act as a CIO, CTO, COO, and internal IT development team.” – Kevin Shuler, CEO Quandary Consulting Group

The Freedom of Scalable Systems for Professional Services

Professional services industries are often overlooked for automating and integrating systems. However, they are often more at risk than other agencies due to their strong reliance on people to carry out operational tasks. As a result, professional services employees and contractors often have to balance mission-critical work with menial tasks.

“Scaling a business that is very reliant on people and their expertise instead of systems is challenging. Successful organizations can leverage systems and automations to scale without significantly increasing their overhead. Professional services are different in that no system in the world can replace the expertise and output of their skilled people, ” – Megan Garam, Directory of Operations, Quandary Consulting Group

This wastes time and money. And for a growing professional services company, the result can be devastating. The more menial tasks employees perform, the less time they have to focus on supporting client needs. This means that upper management needs to hire more people. And that added cost means they also need to bring on more clients.

This creates a waste-based feedback loop that prevents professional services organizations from scaling and benefiting from their success. Quandary Consulting Group now specializes in supporting these businesses with custom systems designed to free up contractor and employee time, so they can focus on essential tasks. In short, it allows professional services-based businesses the freedom they need to grow without being bogged down by their systems.

“With a well-thought-out system and process, a skilled resource can be infinitely more billable (profitable), efficient, and productive than without. For example, if 5 skilled resources spend 20% of their time on tasks that are replaced by a system, those resources become 20% more profitable while eliminating the need for a 6th resource. Quandary is passionate about our internal processes and is looking forward to leveraging what we have learned and built for ourselves with our clients in similar spaces,” – Garam

What Is Quandary Consulting Group?

Quandary Consulting Group is a Denver-based technology consultancy. As Quickbase and Workato Partners, they specialize in using low code platforms to rapidly build custom applications and integrations designed to scale growing businesses. Their mission is to help empower growing organizations by freeing them from inefficient systems, giving them the power to steal back time from their business.

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