Debbie Kotalic’s Passion for Design Fuels GSky’s Leadership in Living Green Walls

Debbie Kotalic’s passion for plants and the Green Industry shines bright with each Living Green Wall she designs

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / — As Director of Artistic Horticultural Design for GSky® Plant Systems, Inc., for the past 13 years, Kotalic basically has pioneered the art of design in Living Green Walls. From locales such as Palm Beach Fl.’s trendy Worth Ave., to Australia and the Middle East, Kotalic’s designs of GSky’s Mobile Versa Wall®, VersaWall®, ProWall®, and BasicWall®. Living Green Walls adorn the interiors and exteriors of Fortune 500 companies and private homes around the globe. Kotalic oversees plant design and procurement for all GSky projects, manages GSky relations with nurseries in the U.S. and Canada, and is responsible for corporate development. She has been published in several national industry publications, been a featured speaker at national conventions, conducted workshops and made TV appearances on the benefits of designing for longevity.

“Debbie’s design work continues to amaze everyone,’’ said GSky® CEO Hal Thorne. “Nobody in the Green Industry knows how to select and integrate plants into Living Green Walls like Debbie.’’

A native of West Virginia, Kotalic now lives in Delray Beach and consults with GSky® clients, developers, architects and branding teams to determine the asthetics for their Living Green Wall or series of Living Green Walls. Her designs have helped GSky® win more than 10 international design awards. “A Living Green Wall can be a major art piece and focal point or it can blend into the space with different hues of green, letting the leaves create depth, dimension, and texture, giving it a very natural look,’’ Kotalic said. “My goal is not only to provide our clients with a Living Green Wall or Walls that look great the day they are installed but continues to look great for years to come. I think we at GSky® achieve that goal while striving to research & expand the possibilities continually.

“My passion for plants and design combine to make walls my canvas for large art projects that also have many health benefits. I’m surrounded by an amazing team that makes all of this work with their talents, expertise, and attention to detail that has made GSky the ‘Gold Standard’ of Living Green Walls.’’

About GSky®

GSky® Plant Systems, Inc., has headquarters offices in Delray Beach, Fl., and Vancouver, British Columbia, and Sales Offices in Denver, Colo., and Hamburg, Germany. GSky® is a leading provider of vertical Living Green Walls in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. The company was founded based on the explosive growth of green technology.

Now GSky®️ is “Bringing Green Walls to the Floor” with its just-launched Mobile Versa Wall,®️ a self-contained living green wall for more flexible space planning.

Low flow drip emitters irrigate all GSky® Living Green Walls on programmable controllers and, in many cases, can be equipped with recycling components to create an extremely efficient low water usage system.

GSky® currently has more than 900 installed, or under contract, Living Green Walls, representing more than 300,000 square feet in 19 countries.

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