Darren Butterfield-Manchester Set to Open a New Trading Office in New York City

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Darren Butterfield-Manchester is proud to announce that his fund will be expanding to the U.S, and open an office in New York City in March. With this move, American clients will be in a position to benefit from Darren’s financial prowess. As a promotional offer, the new office will be accepting any amounts of investable assets from as low as $50,000. Like his clients in London, Americans will enjoy consistent results that he has returned since he formed his firm four years ago. Since he started the fund, he has returned an average of over 20% year on year. In 2018, he returned more than 150% shorting Bitcoin. He had analysed the market and was sure that it was in a bubble at the time, and he was spot-on.

While his fund is relatively smaller than what Americans are used to in Wall Street, clients can find confidence that he has the skills for the job. Darren holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance and graduated among the top students in his class. He also has several industry certifications that helped deepened his knowledge of the industry. Darren is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Besides his academic skills, Darren also has experience working for some of the industry’s biggest firms. Before founding his firm, Darren worked in the industry at some of the largest firms, where he sharpened his trading skills. He worked for a decade at three investment banks and consistently ranked among the best traders. He even got high bonuses for his trading activities. That’s the money he used to launch his fund. He also won many awards for his exceptional trading skills that generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the firms he worked for.

Aside from his academics and experience, clients can be confident that they are working with someone who is highly self-driven and accomplishes everything that he sets his eyes on. As a child, Darren did not have lots of the luxuries that most children enjoy. In fact, his family could barely afford the basics. Darren knew that only a good education could change his fortunes. He worked hard at his studies and excelled all through to University, where he graduated with high honours. He put the same effort in his work, all the way to starting his firm.

At his firm, Darren continues to exhibit the same focus and effort. He started the firm from personal savings and grew it to total investable assets of over $30 million. He has also worked hard looking for high profile backers, and he has been successful. Even before launch, he has already secured more than $100 million in investable assets on in the U.S, with more investors pledging to come in and possibly double the fund size in the next two to three years. Darren hopes to push the firm to a total value of a billion dollars plus by the year 2025.

To ensure that the fund sustains its profitability, and give investors a healthy return on equity, Darren is investing in some of the latest technologies for algorithmic trading, and cutting edge market analysis. He has already spent over 5 million dollars on trading and market analysis at his London office and has committed an equal amount for the U.S office. These technologies will help his firm make more fine-tuned trading decisions, it will also help cut down the overall cost of funds management. This is a plus for investors.

Clients can also take pride in the fact that Darren is not all about making money. He understands the dangers of climate change and the role that high-level capitalists like himself play in the destruction of the planet. For that reason, he has invested heavily in stocks that are helping put an end to the world’s heavy dependence on fossil fuels. Over 40% of his holdings are in companies working on renewable energy in one way or the other. One of his most significant stock holdings is Tesla. This is a company that is leading the way in phasing out the internal combustion engine. He is also invested in solar and wind energy stocks.

By investing in such stocks, clients can expect long term gains in two ways. The first one is through value appreciation. Green stocks are uniquely positioned for growth now that the new U.S administration has shown its commitment towards fighting climate change. They are doing this through the green new deal. The U.S administration has also stated that it will be rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. This places the stocks that Darren is betting on in a unique position for growth over the next four years.

Then there is gains through a clear conscience. The planet is hurting, and any act that helps restore Mother Nature can help one sleep better at night. When an investor sleeps knowing that their money is growing passively while doing good for the planet, it is a good source of peace of mind, and good for long term health and happiness.

Investors can also take pride in the fact that they are investing in a firm whose profits are used for humanity’s good. Darren is a philanthropist and runs a foundation that helps needy children. In the last four years, he has disbursed more than $4 million to help give poor children access to quality education. He plans to extend the tentacles of his foundation to help American children from disadvantaged backgrounds access quality education. He has already set aside more than $2 million for this endeavour and hopes to scale it up in the next few years.

Darren is a fund manager whose main office is in London U.K. His firm employs five finance experts and is focused on equities, commodities, and crypto. His New York office will be based in Manhattan and directly linked to the London office. Darren’s story has recently been featured on Inspirery and Dotcom Magazine‘s websites. For more information, please visit www.darrenbutterfieldmanchester.com/ or view his about page here.

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