Crowd Control Company assists customer facing organizations in managing Social Distancing

USA, March 25, 2021 / — Crowd Control Company, an online retailer based on Long Island New York, has developed an innovative range of customer guidance products that assist retailers and other organizations with on-premises visitors social distancing in their waiting lines.

The Covid 19 pandemic and the need to manage social distancing has made the management of customer flow a top priority for all organizations with on-premises visitors. People standing in line will naturally space themselves about 2ft apart. To keep a regular 6ft spacing, customers need guidance on where to stand. Further, the 6ft spacing triples the floor area required for a customer waiting line (queue) so space planning becomes more complex and the need to layout a well-planned queue becomes more important. In fact, facilities that may not have used a queue system for waiting customers prior to the pandemic now find that this is essential to effectively managing social distancing.

As a national online retailer of equipment for pedestrian guidance, customer queuing and restricting access, Crowd Control Company (CCC) responded to the almost overnight demand for products to manage social distancing and customer queues by both modifying existing products and introducing new items to meet the needs of their customers. As experts in the field of queue management CCC were well placed to lead the market in developing social distancing capability into the queueing product range. As Fabio Montella of Crowd Control Company explains “In order to get customers to self-regulate their spacing you need to provide two elements, first visual guides on where to stand and second, a simple, clear explanation on what to do.”

Crowd Control Company’s first development was the now ubiquitous floor sticker printed with a simple “stand here” type message. When laid out at the correct 6ft spacing these stickers create a ‘steppingstone’ pathway for customers to follow. Stickers are quite effective on their own, but when used in conjunction with barriers to form the queue the effect is significantly enhanced. CCC is one of the country’s largest suppliers of retracting belt barriers and traditional rope stanchions used to form customer queues in airports, retail stores, cinemas, and other types of public venues. To support the message provided by the floor sticker and as an alternative for areas where the flooring may not allow for the use of stickers, CCC launched the Social Distancing belt option on its barriers. This product is a 13ft long belt with bold distance markings for two 6ft spacings. Able to be ordered with any of CCC’s over 40 models of retracting barrier, the Social Distance belt option has proven to be extraordinarily popular and is currently among the company’s best sellers.

With two visual spacing guides in place the next element of a successful social distance management program is the explanation of what the customer is expected to. While supposedly self-explanatory, the stickers and printed belts alone are not always enough to generate the required behavior in waiting customers. Simple, bold signage positioned at the start of the queue is a critical element in triggering customers to maintain the unnatural extra spacing required to keep people safe. “The wording must be emphatic in tone and kept simple as long text passages are often left unread.” Says Montella. “Drawing on our experience in customer guidance signage, we designed a series of signs that use simple wording and diagrams to explain how to use the stickers and printed belt guides”. CCC supplies these signs on post top adapters that can be fitted to most brands of retracting barriers and rope stanchions.

Montella concludes by saying “We are proud that we have been able to assist American companies in meeting the demands of keeping their facilities open and their customers safe during the most challenging times in a generation.”

Businesses and government facilities interested in more information in social distance products are encouraged to contact Crowd Control Company immediately. Crowd Control Company can be contacted via their website

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CCC is an online seller of a wide range of barriers and associated products for customer guidance, queue management and restricting access. Offering the widest range in the industry CCC specializes in providing a one stop shop for customer guidance and queuing equipment as well as barricades for crowd management in large scale outdoor events.

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