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Having exceptional credit means that you have access to the funds your family needs to grow and Total Solution Trust will teach you how to create options and new streams of income.

Formal education does not teach credit, leads to financial insecurity. Total Solution Trust is helping people to restore credit and teaching them how to do it!

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2021 / — Total Solution Trust, a local credit restoration advocacy, is finally pulling back the curtain of secrecy that has historically surrounded credit, and how to experience ROCKSTAR credit. Total Solution Trust is a credit education and advocacy firm that helps people to restore and remaster their credit, so that they can have access to all of the benefits of Rockstar credit, including having access to loans and mortgages with the most beneficial terms, emergency funds, and options abound.

The problem is that our educational curriculum has not and still does not require any enrichment in credit, its creation, care, or proliferation. As a result, our people were never taught how to create their credit profiles, how to maintain their profiles, how to grow them beyond basic spending opportunities; so how is it any wonder that 80% of Americans have less-than-the-best credit? Total Solution Trust believes that if our nation’s people were given access to even basic credit use, growth, and maintenance strategies, that our nation would not be currently experiencing the increasing poverty levels or wide-spread credit “bankruptcy.” “What we really want to teach people is that when you have exceptional credit, it really means that you have options. says Lauren Dulgheru, aka The Solutionist.

“Our mission is to expose the truth that credit equates to access to money, and when they have outstanding credit, they too have access to money; which we compound by teaching people strategies for not only restoring their credit, but in creating new streams of income. Our vision is to create a prolific “each-one, teach-one” model in which those who do work with us will teach their family and friends, who will then teach theirs, and so on and so forth, how to care for and restore their credit profiles. One day, we shall all experience the benefits of great credit and the abundant shift it creates.

The need to have exceptional credit became immediately apparent to the millions who lost their jobs or businesses due to the mass-shutdown incited by COVID-19. In the absence of traditional income, families relied on their emergency funds, if they had them. Those who did not have emergency funding at the ready found it harder and harder to make ends meet. Families may not have had an emergency fund large enough to handle the need, or may have an urgent need for cash to make a home or car repair. Even worse, millions of families experienced a severe medical emergency and may not have had insurance to cover the cost. The remedy to each of these types of monetary shortages is exceptional credit and the options that having Rockstar credit affords.

It remains clear that everyone needs an avenue to learn about credit and all of the benefits that are available to those who have exceptional credit. Total Solution Trust is helping families tap into unrealized sources of emergency funds, to access better terms and benefits in lending, to save money in interest, and to create new avenues of income in the new virtual ecosystem. Complimentary Credit Strategy Sessions are available.

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