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Richa Joshi, changing the world through eCommerce

Richa Joshi, founder of Dual Nation

Dual Nation

eCommerce store Dual Nation is more than a ‘souvenir’, it has a bigger purpose – to build acceptance and inclusion.

“Multiculturalism, and acceptance of it, is very surface level. Under the surface is fear, ‘being afraid’ of ‘anyone new’. I want to change that. ”

— Richa Joshi

COOMBABAH, WA, AUSTRALIA, April 1, 2021 / — When Richa Joshi and her family immigrated to Australia six years ago, they fell in love with the country, but they also still loved their country of birth. This got Richa thinking; she started Dual Nation for those who love the country they were born in and the country they call home.

This soloprenuer started Dual Nation. Richa wanted to offer multinationals, and multicultural an option to celebrate the pride they have in their rich heritage, with designs – flags on tshirts, baby rompers, drink bottles and coasters and more.

eCommerce store Dual Nation is more than a ‘souvenir’ item, that usually have funny sayings/metaphors and stock standard images. For Richa, the national flag evokes an image of a person from a country; and pride. Dual Nation has a bigger purpose – to build acceptance and inclusion.

“Multiculturalism, and acceptance of it, is very surface level for all industries, communities, nations, peoples – but just under the surface a larger percentage of people’s mindset is ‘being afraid’ of ‘anyone new’,” Richa said. “I want to change that. Loving where you are from and loving where you are now is possible.”

“Migration of races, which is as old as the evolution of Earth – yet history has shown time, and time again, that anyone who looks different, speaks a different language, eats something different, dresses differently, has different thoughts, has a sexual orientation that is different, etc – is to be shunned, repressed, ostracized, etc.

“While history has also shown that with awareness and mass peoples’ movements, changes do happen – racism is still rampant, and will remain so till peoples’ mindsets change. With Dual Nation, I hope that I can create that change – however small, but change.”

Richa started Dual Nation in late 2017 inspired by the stories of people migrating and experiencing different cultures. “It’s important to understand that being of a global mindset is crucial,” she said.

“I created Dual Nation to give every person the opportunity to start that first conversation and create further dialogues, to give space for understanding, tolerance and acceptance of all that is different.”

“Those who migrate to different countries are told they are ‘only of that country’ – and that means they either get ‘forced’ to assimilate into the new countries’ culture, or are so scared to get involved, that they stay within only their own kind.

“Both – forced assimilation and exclusiveness – is not what any community should be about. Communities are built by people, who walk different paths, and those very perspectives lead to a healthy, thriving population. Communities are about shared growth, and vibrancy.”

“Being proud of walking two or more worlds is not a bad thing, nor is being different – Dual Nation allows for that conversation to start.”

Dual Nation is about building communities that are accepting of everyone, not just on surface level but from deep within – by inviting conversations, creating relationships.

“ I want to benefit those who are keen to create a voice at each and every table, and lead conversations about equality for all, in every imaginable space,” Richa said. “Dual Nation aims to provide that ‘first’ step to that ‘voice’ – by inviting a conversation about the flags, the design, the words on each merchandise.”

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