Covid-19 City Safety Ranking Q1/2021

New Analytical Case Study by Deep Knowledge Analytics Ranks COVID-19 Safety, Vaccine Distribution, Government Efficiency, and Economic Resilience of 25 Cities

“COVID-19 City Safety Ranking” case study utilizes 1300 data points to rank COVID19 safety and pandemic response efficiency – economy, treatment, vaccine distribution, transparency, and governance”

— Deep Knowledge Analytics

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 6, 2021 / — Deep Knowledge Analytics’ newest special case study utilizes a 50-parameter analytical framework (1300 data points in total) to rank overall COVID-19 safety and pandemic response efficiency (economy, treatment, vaccine distribution, transparency and governance) of 25 cities among 5 major regions globally, identifying key factors behind the most successful municipal responses to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, identifying Abu Dhabi, Seoul, Sidney, Singapore and Ottawa as the top-5 safest cities at the present stage of the pandemic’s evolution.

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The report and associated IT-Platform primary goal is to analyze governmental response and management of pandemics on a municipal (city) level. By identifying and characterizing essential weaknesses and threats in city management of pandemic threats, the project pinpoints key factors must be addressed early and optimized to avoid future outbreaks, deepening of economic damage and the decline of local healthcare systems.

The special case study and the Analytical Big Data IT-Platform are being released in an open-access manner to enable responsible governments to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of their neighbours, and derive action-based answers and insights to key questions relevant to the national strategic decision-making process to optimize outcomes in the wake of the current global COVID-19 pandemic and decrease the impact of future negative aftermath.

The analysis utilizes 1,300 data points in total, applying an analytical framework consisting of 50 parameters classified into 5 qualitatively distinct categories (Economy Resilience, Government Efficiency, Healthcare Management, Quarantine Efficiency, Vaccination Rate) to a total of 25 cities and municipalities globally. The associated IT-Platform also incorporates a number of advanced analytical features and interactive functions including interactive maps and dynamic graphs based on data aggregated from a number of reputable and reliable sources.

This project marks the first COVID-19 City Safety Ranking that focuses on municipal and city-level (rather than national) pandemic response, safety and performance. Previous Regional COVID-19 Safety Assessments by Deep Knowledge Analytics, released periodically throughout 2020, encompassed 250+ Countries, Regions and Territories classified and ranked according to a more thorough analysis of their institutional environment, with a particular emphasis on economic stability and updated parameters of quarantine efficiency as well as more recent indicators of practical success and an examination of newly-emerged geographical pandemic hotspots.

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The group’s previous COVID-19 Analytics has received attention from such leading world and regional media as Forbes, Der Spiegel, NIKKEI Asian Review, Deutsche Welle, Esquire, Gulf news, Al Arabiya, The China Times, The Manila Times, and others (with a total of 500+ articles covering the group’s work in COVID-19 Safety and Response benchmarking having been released since the series’ inception), as well as a number of prominent governmental and international acknowledgements, including Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel), the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Office of the Prime Minister, Hong Nam-ki (Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea), Karin Prien (German Minister for Education, Science and Culture), Hemann Gröhe (Former German Minister of Health), Judith Varga (Hungarian Minister of Justice), Alain Berset (Former President of Switzerland), and many others.

There has long been a need for an accurate analysis of municipal pandemic performance that takes into account an actual up-to-date data on emerging risks in specific areas, highlighting localities in which risks might appear unexpectedly due to the lack of precise statistics, in order to design and implement well-balanced solutions and policies distributed equally on both a national and municipal level. It is with the aim of satisfying this unmet need that Deep Knowledge Analytics is currently working on the development of additional strategies to enable the company’s Analytical Big Data IT-Platforms to be used as a technological solution to allow for closer and more efficient collaboration between statisticians, data scientists, doctors and healthcare personnel, industry participants and governmental authorities on the topic of pandemic response and management.

The data encompassed by Deep Knowledge Analytics’ COVID-19 City Safety Ranking Q1/2021 are presented and visualized in such a way as to enable strategic decision-makers to more easily extract insights and other valuable, tangible information with the aim of optimizing their pandemic response and management strategies, and enabling the accelerated decline and neutralization of the global COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to more efficiently and effectively prevent and address its ongoing and future negative implications and socioeconomic consequences in advance.

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