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Cosocial NFC Stainless Steel Matte Black Card

Cosocial NFC Stainless Steel Matte Black Card

Cosocial Card & Deck

Cosocial was designed with making business connections and the rise of self employment post COVID-19 in mind.

SOUTHAMPTON, HAMPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, April 6, 2021 / — The impact of COVID-19 around the world has had immeasurable impacts on billions of lives. Cosocial is setting out to address some of those issues in the new world that individuals and business now find themselves facing.

Building connections with new people in business is more important than ever – but traditional business cards have a lot of problems. Amongst it’s issues are that they go out of date, they are terrible for the environment, they’re easily lost, and it can be difficult to relate a card to an individual if you’re meeting groups of people and so on. Right now though, in light of the global pandemic, we predict that people are now going to be more reluctant in handing out and receiving physical business cards.
With the spread of infection so close to the front of people’s minds – we needed to create a new way to share essential information in person, contactlessly.
The Cosocial card will share all of your personal information by waving it near to an NFC enabled device, which is now the majority of smartphones. The stainless steel, custom printed Cosocial card uses NFC (the same technology that we use to make contactless payments) to link to its owners Cosocial Deck.

A Deck is an online profile that can be updated at anytime to share any number of pieces of information. From basic contact info like name, email and phone number – to more media rich content like an instagram feed, company’s bio and embedded Youtube videos. All of which is 100% customisable without any additional software.

The other post COVID-19 change to the world that Cosocial wants to help with is the growth of new businesses. The pandemic saw unemployment levels hit new highs. As terrible as this is, many predict that the result will be the birth of more individuals starting out in business on their own.
With that in mind, a custom Cosocial URL and Deck give people the opportunity to share everything that they do in a single place.
Individuals and companies can send traffic from their Facebook friends to your Cosocial page and show them links to their products, latest videos, other social media and much more. Cosocial has created a tool kit for people to easily put everything they do in one place. So they can grow more easily online.

Simon Hassett
Cosocial Corp Ltd
+44 800 054 1117

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