Corporate Meetings: Become a Hybrid Hero

Corporate Meeting

Corporate Meetings: Become a Hybrid Hero

Hybrid Conference

Champion the Hybrid Conference

Hybrid Meeting

Be forward thinking, go hybrid in your meetings.

From virtual back to in-person platforms, we’ve got you covered.

We Bring Meetings To Life.”

— Platinum Presents, LLC

FORT WORTH, TX, USA, April 7, 2021 / — The concept of hybrid is not a new one and almost everyone is familiar with it. The literal meaning of hybrid is something that is composed of two or more elements to achieve a better outcome. For example, a car using both gasoline and electricity as a more efficient alternative on the road. Well, this is a terrific example of the hybrid concept… but what does that mean for corporate meetings? What do we mean when we say “Hybrid Hero”? Are we talking about a superhero with different kinds of powers? Science-fiction? This concept is very real. We are talking about being a hero of re-entry. In other words, championing the hybrid conference as we all safely return to live events.

Ever since the pandemic arrived in 2019, we have watched as almost every business has shifted to virtual mode. As people continue working from home rather than having face-to-face meetings or conferences, we have become used to attending virtual events. Platinum Presents, the virtual subsidiary of Core Staging, Inc., has been providing virtual conferences as a safe alternative to continue education and achieve industry goals throughout this quarantined era. However, now it’s time to be forward thinking about re-entry as vaccines are readily available and the pandemic passes us by. How will we keep introducing engaging activities that virtual conferences prevailed with during upcoming live events with reduced attendance? It’s time to go hybrid.

Hybrid conferences are a mixture of both virtual and face-to-face conference components, and offer the advantages of both. While the world will slowly revert back to in-person meetings, we provide hybrid opportunities to do so in a safe and exciting environment. Give your guests a chance to attend meetings both physically and virtually, seamlessly as we experience re-entry across industries. Become a Hybrid Hero with Platinum Presents, and don’t lose the momentum you’ve worked so hard to build throughout the year. Give attendees and vendors valid options for engaged participation and residual benefits, and become the “Hybrid Hero” for your industry in today’s world.

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