Collective of Metro Atlanta Businesswomen Make Black and Women’s History

Atlanta Small Business Mastermind Forum (SBMMF)

SBMMF is a collective of professional services providers & community-based organizations focused on providing support to entrepreneurs & small business owners.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 / — March 2020, a group of business service providers and a local nonprofit hosted a planning meeting for a one-a-day symposium. In less than seven days of the meeting, there was a mandatory shutdown due to COVID. The women immediately regrouped and decided that their event had to wait and that they needed to get in motion quickly to help their small business clients and other small business owners. The Small Business Mastermind Forum (SBMMF) was no longer the name of an event; it became the name of a collective of business services providers.

SBMMF is a collective of professional services providers and community-based organizations focused on providing services and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners. SBMMF’S core competencies include Accounting, Bookkeeping, HR Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Business Services, Lending, Legal, Business Financial Planning, Tax Savings Strategies, Government Procurement Coaching, Executive Coaching, Technology/Systems, Continuity and Succession Planning, and Retirement Plans.

SBMMF is anchored by the Leadership Team: Sibyl Slade, Nicole Mitchell, Bernadette Harris, Roxann Smithers, and Sabrina Lowery.
Through a series of webinars and volunteer efforts with other business groups such as the Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Atlanta Business League, and Village Microfund, the SBMMF was able to assist over 271 businesses obtain funding from the first round of PPP Funding and adjust their businesses to survive and thrive during the pandemic.

Fast forward to 2021, and the SBMMF has entered into an agreement to expand their collective efforts to create a small business ecosystem that provides four core services – – education and training; diversity supplier matchmaking and recruitment; funding and procurement readiness; and wholistic professional services.

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Atlanta Small Business Mastermind Forum
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