Collection of Projects for “IMTA Mountain Tourism Awards” 2020 kicks off .

GUIYANG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2020 / To extract the essence of global mountain tourism, explore methods of operation and management innovation, firm up the goal of sustainable development, a platform is created of win-win cooperation for the long-term development of mountain tourism. The International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA), the world’s only international mountain tourism organization, has set up the “IMTA Mountain Tourism Awards” as the times require. اليورو بطولة 2024 Through the event, IMTA aims to organize and integrate current mountain tourism products and resources, establish models in segments, boost industry upgrading, and drive tourism investment and consumption through capital and technology empowerment. Guided by the concept of innovation, green, ecology, and sustainability, the event would lead mountain tourism development, clearly convey the responsibility and values of mountain tourism practitioners. البلاك جاك It advocates that tourism behavior should explore and pursue a healthy life, revere nature, respect culture, and stay in harmony with nature to promote the green, ecological, high-quality, and sustainable development of mountain tourism.

The jury of the “IMTA Mountain Tourism Awards” 2020 consists of over ten tourism and interdisciplinary experts worldwide. The awards include(tentatively) the “Mountain Tourism Sustainable Development Award,” the “Mountain Tourism Destination Award,” the “Mountain Tourism Ecological Civilization Award,” the “Mountain Culture Protection and Inheritance Award,” and the “Mountain Hiking Route Award.” Through the organizer’s orderly operation and professional media participation, the event will smooth channels of global mountain tourism project exchanges and integrate resources of international mountain tourism organizations. And it will establish the “IMTA Mountain Tourism Award” international project recruitment team, bring together quality resources, boost the confidence in the recovery of mountain tourism after the pandemic, and form leading and demonstrative effects in the industry.

The winner list will be released during the “2020 Annual Conference of International Mountain Tourism Alliance” in mid-October. The project collection has kicked off as scheduled. القمار على كرة القدم We expect global mountain tourism practitioners to participate in the event to seek joint development and a bright future.

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