Children’s Author Uses Her Writing to Inspire Good Habits in Children

Bentley Hippo chases Jaxon, a silly monkey who just can't sit still

Inspiring Children to be Patient (4th in the Inspiring Children Series)

Photo of Argyro Graphy, Canadian author

Award-winning children’s book author Argyro Graphy

Bentley Hippo discusses ways to practice patience

Bentley teaching Jaxon about being patient

Award-winning author Argyro Graphy uses her own life experiences and struggles to inspire and help children become the best version of themselves.

Teaching kids the significance of inclusivity & diversity from the start can make them caring individuals towards others. With the Inspiring Children’s Series Bentley promotes humbleness among kids”

— Argyro Graphy

BHEC Publishing
Mississauga, ON Canada

They’re back! The colourful characters, Jaxon Monkey, Marty Lion, Toby Elephant, and Daisy Giraffe being steered by Bentley Hippo. Argyro Graphy, the creator of the Bentley Hippo series, is releasing her fourth book entitled, Inspiring Children to be Patient. It comes out on April 6, 2021.

Transforming a life-changing trauma into a full-fledged children’s book series Graphy is on a mission to cultivate a generation of humans that believe in the power of kindness, respect, love, acceptance, gratitude, and appreciation.

Serving as the positive role model worldwide, Graphy’s upcoming Bentley book takes children on an adventure, that teaches about being patient. The uber-talented author is currently indulged in creating a “kindness to all” platform focusing on being kind to each other, to animals, to the environment and to ourselves. Heading this initiative is Bentley Hippo; Kindness to all advocate for kids

Learning some of the lessons of life is not easy, for children, parents, and teachers, and we could all use some help. The Bentley Hippo series aims to do just that with bright, colourful images and easy to understand text. These books are great fun for children, and engaging while reading, gives an opportunity for cognitive learning and thereby setting the trend for future years. Argyro draws on her own experiences as a child, and more recently the effects of having lost her sight in one eye after what should have been a routine procedure.

Bentley Hippo has been welcomed into the homes of children around the globe and is a positive role model. All of the characters have their own challenges, and the author aims to normalize the differences between all of us including those with health issues such as diabetes and ADHD. Using loveable animals in the stories may also nurture a love for wildlife, so very important today.

The first three books in this series are:
Inspiring Children to Share, Inspiring Children to be Kind and Inspiring Children to Never Give Up

About the Author:

Argyro is a Canadian-born author and creator of Bentley and The Adventure of Bentley Inspiring Children series. She is a creative artist with a passion for writing, however, her childhood struggles and as a victim of bullying, discrimination and hatred prevented her dream from coming to fruition. She excelled in every job and task including climbing up the corporate ladder in major big-box retail outlets. Her dream of writing still remained clear in her mind but faded with every flashback of her childhood struggles. Forty years later, she witnessed children facing the same issues, at an even younger age. It was time to face her fear of failure and try to make a difference which led her to create her characters and books. Argyro hopes to build the Bentley brand to become recognized around the world as the face of change.

Inspiring Children to be Patient
ISBN: 978-1-989486-28-3 (paperback) ISBN: 978-1-989486-29-0 (digital)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other Online and Retail platforms

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Argyro Graphy
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