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MediPines CEO & Founder Steve Lee on Non-Invasively providing Instant Pulmonary Gas Exchange Measurements Using a Simple Patient Breathing Method

Hospital providers that leveraged the AGM100™ have reported dramatic results, such as reduced ICU admission rates.”

— Steve Lee

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, US, March 31, 2021 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview ( with Steve Lee, CEO and Founder of medical device company MediPines, headquartered in Yorba Linda, CA. “Hospital providers that leveraged the AGM100™ have reported dramatic results, such as reduced ICU admission rates. According to one Midwest provider, the hospitalized COVID-19 patient death rates plummeted after adoption of the AGM100.” Mr. Lee shared with CEOCFO’s Bud Wayne the MediPines mission, when they were founded and how long their AGM100 has been on the market, “The AGM100 is the world’s first FDA cleared respiratory system that non-invasively provides pulmonary gas exchange measurements using a simple patient breathing method. It is a portable system that can be used at the bedside. I view it as a portable pulmonary lab in a box. In 2015, I launched MediPines with outside investment from prominent Silicon Valley investors. The founding mission of MediPines is to advance respiratory medicine. AGM100 was commercially released five years later in 2020 and it is rapidly being adopted across the country in many leading hospitals, today.”

Asked why they decided to focus on respiratory medicine Mr. Lee told us, “This rising tide of respiratory diseases was, in part, due to the pre-existing prevalence of respiratory diseases like COPD and asthma, combined with different factors like the aging population, occupational exposure, and air pollution. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is here, the world is even more aware of the risks from respiratory-related illnesses.”

Explaining the AGM100’s ease of use Mr. Lee said, “It’s non-invasive. A patient simply needs to breathe through a specialized mouthpiece that is connected to our analyzer unit. The measurement is not difficult or dependent upon patient effort, the patient just needs to breathe. It is easy for the patient and convenient for the clinician to operate.”

In the interview Mr. Lee shared why he feels their product is so critical in the hospital environment, “It helps provide answers to essential respiratory questions. What is the patient’s blood oxygen level? Is ventilation adequate? Is gas transport from the lungs to the blood efficient? And what is the source of impairment? These are hard questions a clinical team needs answers to, right away, when they are faced with time-sensitive, imminent respiratory failure, or fast-declining patient cases in front of them.” He continued, “The output parameters are immediately actionable to an attending healthcare team. It is used to rapidly assess patient respiratory status, support triage, titrate interventions, and quickly determine response to therapy.”

Discussing a potential pediatric application, “Right now, the AGM100 is FDA cleared for use only in adult populations. However, significant potential pediatric applications are being explored because our device is non-invasive and it may allow pediatric populations to be evaluated in a much more non-invasive manner, which reduces the possibility of pain for kids. MediPines won a competitive award last year funded by Children’s National Hospital and the FDA to study the utility of non-invasive pulmonary gas exchange measurement in pediatric populations,” said Mr. Lee.

As for their geographic reach, Mr. Lee told CEOCFO, “Currently we are cleared for the US market and Health Canada approved us for COVID-19, so we are in North America. Our device is manufactured in Orange County, California in our MDSAP ISO 13485:2016 facility; a global standard for Medical Device manufacturing. We are currently focused on the US and Canada and have a plan to expand to Europe and Asia.”

Mr. Lee shared his thoughts on why MediPines is important to the future of healthcare and patient care, “Respiratory advancement is the key to better human health and managing our future healthcare burden. If we can make improvements in advancing respiratory medicine, this could be one important step to solving a looming healthcare crisis. The success of private sector efforts, like MediPines, could also tell how well we are going to manage our way out of the looming healthcare crisis. Right now, US healthcare consumes 18% of the national GDP. That is $3.8 trillion a year, a staggering number, a substantial economic burden to any society. Medical technology and innovation, I believe, can play an important role in this area. Leveraging the AGM100 can provide 60 times the operating advantage to any hospital provider, compared to the closest alternatives with far fewer resources.”

Mr. Lee continues, “There are some great developments on the vaccine front, but respiratory viruses will continually evolve and raise prospects for future pandemics. Therefore, the continuous research and development in the respiratory field is a vitally important topic for all of us. We are hoping that novel and efficient technologies, like the MediPines AGM100, which I believe is a life-saving innovation, can help blunt the effect of future pandemics, while establishing a solid foundation for better respiratory patient care in the context of this emerging respiratory tsunami. We want to help advance respiratory medicine for the patients and for better healthcare for society.”

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