CDC Mask Mandates Push Schools Across the Nation to Use Stimulus Funding for Classroom Audio Enhancement Systems

CDC masking guidelines play an important role in keeping us safe, but they pose unprecedented communication challenges in the classroom. Our audio amplification systems facilitate better learning.”

— Jeff Anderson, CEO, Audio Enhancement

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, April 5, 2021 / — For students across the nation returning to their classrooms during the ongoing pandemic, a new sight in the classroom will welcome them: teachers wearing masks. And if the past year has proven anything, it is that communicating with masks is difficult, with the sound and clarity of speech especially impeded.

For some classrooms, these communication challenges have been a detriment to learning. But for others equipped with Audio Enhancement’s microphone systems, educators have been able to successfully navigate these challenges to continue providing high-quality and equitable learning environments to students. With these successful case studies in mind, thousands of schools across the nation are scrambling to figure out how quickly they can now outfit their rooms with these same systems.

Mask Impact on Teaching and Learning
As teachers and students mask up to return to the classroom, voice amplification is a critical concern, especially since most learning is auditory. Masks impede sound projection and create voice strain, negatively impacting both students and teachers. Research shows the more a student is able to hear their teachers, the more successful they are. The benefits for teachers are also notable, not only helping them to achieve better learning outcomes but also avoiding voice strain while projecting so all students can hear them.

Audio Enhancement’s microphone and audio systems are helping schools across the country overcome these issues. Teachers using the system wear a wireless microphone around their neck that connects to an in-classroom speaker system and effectively amplifies the teacher’s voice, improving learning outcomes and increasing bonding between teachers and students.
Audio Enhancement’s Impact on Teaching and Learning
Audio Enhancement was founded in 1978 as a classroom solution to help children with hearing loss better hear their teachers through sound amplification. Throughout the years, research has emerged noting that all students, not just those with hearing loss, excel in the classroom with audio amplification. Leveraging these findings, the Audio Enhancement team has continued to transform the educational technology space, offering innovative sound and amplification solutions that benefit both educators and students.

In the past year, Audio Enhancement has risen to the challenge of meeting teachers’ and students’ needs during the COVID pandemic. Based on the company’s track record of innovation and success with audio systems in the classroom and its evolution to serve the needs of educators during times when face masking is critical, Audio Enhancement has positioned itself as a company committed to positively impact the connections between hearing and learning today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Thousands of school districts across the US, including several ASAA Superintendent of the Year winners, are using Audio Enhancement’s products with measurable success and attest to the many benefits that the company’s sound amplification products deliver in enhancing teaching and learning during the pandemic.

“Audio Enhancement was created over 40 years ago to serve the educational needs of students through sound amplification, and we continue to work toward that mission each day,” said Jeff Anderson, CEO. “CDC masking guidelines have played an important role in keeping us safe, but they pose unprecedented communication challenges within the classroom. Our audio amplification systems are designed to facilitate better learning environments in the classroom by leveling the playing field so that all students, no matter where they are seated in the classroom, can hear their teachers and engage in critical classroom learning opportunities. We are proud to play a role in partnering with some of our most critical front-line workers—teachers—and helping them more effectively do their jobs as they serve our nation’s children.”

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