CBD Nation® Web Domain Goes on Sale Today

Don’t miss out on a rare deal – the domain purchase includes a registered trademark for the domain and a trademarked, market ready company logoSAN DIEGO, CA, USA, August 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

CBD Nation® Web Domain Goes on Sale Today

Don’t miss out on a rare deal – the domain purchase includes a registered trademark for the domain and a trademarked, market ready company logo

San Diego, CA, August 20, 2020 – GoGoPay LLC is putting the CBD Nation® web domain up for sale today. How can you jump in quickly and efficiently into one of the biggest growth markets in today’s free market economy? Take advantage of this rare find. The purchase of www.cbdnation.com includes a trademark registration for the web domain as well as a trademarked, market ready company logo. Save valuable time and resources on company logo development and the trademark registration process – get ahead of the game.

Registered Trademark

The CBD Nation® registered trademark (#5312245) allows the provision of on-line computer and searchable databases in the field of medical information, including medical testimony and preventative care information. The international classification encompasses medical services, veterinary services, hygiene and beauty (people/animals), agriculture, horticulture and forestry services.


Logos are the vanguard of any company. They are the image that people see in their mind’s eye when the company name is broached and the image that triggers the memory of a company’s name on sight.

Standing out in the ever-growing crowd of CBD companies is a challenge for any business trying to make inroads into the industry. A well-designed logo is one of the primary tools of a company to accomplish this task. The CBD Nation® logo was created by carefully considering its orientation, scalability, location, environment and medium to provide versatility and clear recognition.

About the Logo Designer

The logo was designed by an experienced mechanical designer who is well versed in multiple platform, 3D virtual solid modeling and technical trade graphics. He creates renderings and images for trade magazines and company literature. This designer also has over two decades of experience in component design for launch vehicles, satellites, space probes and military applications. Projects include the CSEM Mars Rover, NASA Parker Solar Probe, Space-X Dragon, Crew Dragon and Falcon 9.

About GoGoPay LLC

GoGoPay LLC is a talent agency located in downtown San Diego and focuses on integrating technology with traditional talent matching methods. The company’s technology system allows talent and talent seekers to find the right match in a streamlined and effective process.

For more information about the CBD Nation® domain sale, please contact Gavin Lamar at info@gogopay.cash.

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