Capitoline launches Data Center Cleaning Specialist Company – DCSC program

Capitoline is pleased to announce the introduction of the world’s first independent data centre cleaning certification for companies.

There has been an amazing response to our data center cleaning program for individuals and this new initiative is the obvious next step for cleaning companies to demonstrate their expertise”

— Barry Elliott

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 25, 2021 / — Three years after launching our ground-breaking Data Center Cleaning Specialist, DCCS, qualification for individuals, we have listened to our customers and extended the program to include the specialist cleaning companies as well.

Membership of the program requires companies to have at least three DCCS certified individuals on their staff and for the company to submit their business quality plan to Capitoline for verification of their processes, policies and procedures in regard to safe and effective cleaning within a data centre environment.

Dust and dirt is a major cause of failure of IT and other equipment within a data center and now bio-security for staff and customers in the workplace has also become a major feature. The Capitoline DCCS training program covers all the requirements of safe and effective cleaning in sensitive telecommunications and information processing facilities. Companies joining the DCSC program can now also demonstrate that their whole company is qualified to work in this ever-growing and demanding area. Membership will include company certification, logo and usage rights and a listing on Capitoline’s website.

Capitoline is a UK-based independent engineering consultancy specializing in data center design and management, training and auditing. Founded in 2005, Capitoline introduced the world’s first data center training program in 2006 and the world’s first data center cleaning certification in 2018.

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