BodyEnergy Technology Co., Ltd. Launches Safe Treadmills For Family Fitness

BodyEnergy treadmill: A New Human-Powered Treadmill for Safer, Greener, and More Complete Exercise

BodyEnergy treadmill: A New Way To Run

BodyEnergy treadmill: A New Human-Powered Treadmill for Safer, Greener, and More Complete Exercise

New Human-Powered Treadmills Can Replace All Electric Motorized Treadmills – A Safer, Greener, and Better Exercise at Home

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2021 / —
BodyEnergy Technology Co., Ltd. Launches Safe Treadmills For Family Fitness

The New Concept Treadmills For Family Fitness – A Safer, Greener, and Better Exercise at Home

Irvine, California, USA: Body Energy Technology today announced the launch of the BodyEnergy Treadmill: a revolutionary way to work out your entire body without the risk of serious injury and excessive electric energy waste.

Using technology that is now more than 50-years-old, the classic motorized treadmill, between 2018 and 2020, contributed to 17 fatalities, one of which involved a five-year old child. In 2019, U.S. emergency departments treated an estimated 22,500 treadmill-related injuries, about 2,000 of which were to children under eight years of age. In 2014, motorized treadmill injuries sent over 24,000 people to the emergency room, accounting for 40% of all indoor fitness equipment injuries in the United States that year. Over the years, the call has grown from the medical community, health and fitness professionals, and the public at-large for a change, but the fitness industry has been slow to respond. Unless people move out a machine with such a strong motor, it is impossible to avoid a tragedy like the Peloton treadmill that occurred in March 2021.

The main cause of injury comes from the treadmill’s powerful motor, typically between 2-5 HP, unsafe for all users regardless of their fitness level. Also, commercial treadmills can burn up to $1,000 in electricity annually, making them an exercise option that is neither cost-efficient nor environmentally friendly.
“You cannot prevent a 5-housepower machine from harming humans,” said Dr. Yan, Founder of BodyEnergy Technology. “That’s why we invented the BodyEnergy treadmill, providing a better and safer treadmill experience for the over 55-million treadmill users in the United States, and much more people worldwide.”

In the six years of research and development, BodyEnergy Technology developed a patented arm drive system to replace the electric motor to move the running surface. This will create a safer and more effective full-body workout.

“With BodyEnergy, the user is the motor, which creates an acceleration speed that is ten times that of an electric treadmill,” said Dr. Yan. “And it will stop immediately when you stop. The BodyEnergy treadmill takes your running exercise to a new level.”
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on entering commercial fitness clubs, more and more people are buying home fitness equipment. The BodyEnergy treadmill is an ideal choice for at-home fitness solutions. Lastly, it’s been deemed ‘the only safe treadmill and easy to use treadmill for the 65 million seniors in the U.S.’

About BodyEnergy Technology
BodyEnergy Technology delivers the true value for its users. The BodyEnergy Treadmill was extremely well-received at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), earning the Runner’s World Editors’ Choice Award for “best running tech product.” With tens of millions of potential users for its products, BodyEnergy Technology is dedicated to developing innovative fitness solutions that are safe, affordable, and environmentally sustainable.

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