BlackFin Launches M&A Consulting Practice

A new team engages with buyers and sellers for better post-deal performance.

In the end it’s all about performance, but people get so excited during the M&A deal that this fact is lost until it’s too late.”

— Keith Kemph, BlackFin Group CEO

LAGUNA HILLS, CA, USA, April 8, 2021 / — BlackFin Group, a management consulting firm serving the Banking and Mortgage Industries, has launched a new Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) consulting offering designed to help both buyers and sellers achieve better post-deal performance. With 80% of M&A deals failing to deliver a return on the buyer’s investment, and with M&A activity increasing in the financial services industry, the timing is right for a new solution set.

“No matter how eager investors are for the entities to be combined, their expectations never seem to match the reality of the ensuing chaos that often envelops the post-deal events,” said Mark Dangelo, BlackFin Group’s Chief Innovation Officer. “The capability of existing M&A teams is insufficient to create sustainable and repeatable digital solution sets in an era where innovative advancements are measured in weeks. When it comes to M&A post-deal efforts, frameworks are more powerful than prescriptions and digital demands are not lift-and-shifts, but layers, building blocks and data governance built on the new business foundations. If companies can’t achieve this, post-deal performance will suffer and the deal will not be accretive to earnings for the buyer.”

To mitigate this risk, Dangelo and his team have developed a playbook framework of continuous refreshes of design, development, implementation and iteration referred to as D2I2 M&A Digital Demands.

“M&A Digital Demands provides an adoptable framework that can be adapted using competencies of leadership orchestration, innovation layering and a set of technology building blocks which together ensure post-deal results,” Dangelo added.

The framework is delivered by Dangelo and former FED business architects Pedro Fong and Scott Hannah, with support from the rest of the BlackFin team. Through this new practice BlackFin Group offers a robust solution to executives and teams tasked with delivering on new deal goals or those seeking remediation of existing post-deal efforts.

“In the end it’s all about performance, but people get so excited during the M&A deal that this fact is lost until it’s too late,” said Keith Kemph, BlackFin Group CEO. “We now have a team with the experience and the resources to help companies, on either side of the transaction, ensure a better outcome. Because many sellers are compensated, in part, based on post-deal performance, we expect this offering to be very well received.”

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