BlackFin Launches AI Consulting Program

A new framework called Astute uses AI building blocks to create banking solutions

Industry technologists are finally producing AI-empowered components that deliver ROI to the institutions that invest in them.”

— Keith Kemph, BlackFin Group CEO

LAGUNA HILLS, CA, USA, March 29, 2021 / — BlackFin Group, a management consulting firm serving the Mortgage Banking Industry, has launched AI Astute, a consulting offering specifically designed to help banks, independent mortgage banks, credit unions, and other Financial Services & Banking Organizations (FSBOs) create technology roadmaps that add AI capabilities to their operations in a manner that reduces risk and returns a verifiable ROI.

“The last three years have been a sea change for the possibilities of AI,” said Mark Dangelo, BlackFin Group’s Chief Innovation Officer. “The starting point for AI success is not the implementation of any one-off vendor solution. Rather, by intelligently embarking on a stepwise journey with AI the FSBO organization can apply proven principles to create intelligent solutions without jeopardizing the brand, its customers, or its profitability.”

Most of today’s AI is made up of rudimentary thinking machines, Dangelo pointed out. However, tomorrow’s AI will exist in layers of business-driven technology, assembled as cascading solutions. A framework is required to assemble the AI building blocks that are even now becoming available in layers that reduce institutional risk while delivering a high return on investment. After years of development, Dangelo has developed such a framework and delivers it through AI Astute.

“Successful AI implementations will advance the state of the art, evolving procedural systems into autonomous assistants,” Dangelo said. “FSBO’s must create their own roadmaps now and become comfortable with emerging solutions. An AI maturity framework of interconnected layers and compartments is a good composition upon which to build future success.”

“Industry technologists are finally producing AI-empowered components that deliver ROI to the institutions that invest in them,” said Keith Kemph, BlackFin Group CEO. “But on their own, these tools do little to support the institution’s overall mission. The AI Astute framework changes that by combining whatever AI building blocks are required into functional layers that create complete solutions. I’m very pleased to have Mark leading this effort.”

To find out more about the AI Astute framework, visit the company online.

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