Biden Administration Reviewing Further Declassification of Documents discussing Contacts with UFOs

MCLEAN, VA, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2021 / — For decades ufologists (individuals who study UFOs) have issued Freedom of Information Act to ask the government to release information regarding extraterrestrial contacts involving US pilots and astronauts. Over the years, previous US Administrations declassified piecemeal information about UFO sightings. These releases would come in the form of memos which in many cases were censored in the name of national security.

President Trump, in one of its final acts prior to leaving office, ordered a 180-day timeline review (deadline of June 1st, 2021) for US intelligence agencies to declassify all information it had in their possession regarding unidentified flying objects, according to CNN. The legislation was tucked into the 2.3 trillion coronavirus relief bill in December 2020. The Biden administration has followed up the previous Administration’s directive, but many US intelligence agencies, citing national security, are resisting attempts to release additional information regarding unexplained areal phenomena. There is a belief in the UFO research community that the Biden administration is going to do what no previous US presidential administration has ever done – acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial aliens who have visited this planet.

As an amateur astronomer and fan of the television show “The X-Files,” I have always been interested in the most important question confronting humanity – are we alone in the universe. The recently released documents may help answer this question. Although there is no smoking gun revealing alien bodies on ice, the evidence available not only suggests that such contacts have occurred many times, it suggests that the US government and its intelligence agencies have been actively concealing this information and engaging in disinformation campaigns to discredit credible witnesses to these encounters.

The Truth is Out There.

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