betterU Education Releases Ceo Letter to Shareholders

OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2021 / betterU Education Corp. (TSXV:BTRU)(Frankfurt:5OGA) (the “Company” or “betterU”) is pleased to provide an update from the Company’s CEO, Brad Loiselle.

Dear Shareholders,

We would like to provide information regarding trading resumption as well as business development.

In earlier March 2021, the Company had applied to the Ontario Security Commission (“OSC”) for a full revocation of the failure-to-file Cease Trader Order that was issued by the OSC on September 18, 2020. As part of the full revocation process, OSC is required to complete a full review of the Company’s continuous disclosure records.

Over the last 8 weeks, the OSC have been diligent, prompt, and responsive to the Company with their review, comments, and requests. OSC’s staff do require sufficient time to review the filings and provide comments regarding any deficiencies, as well as any outstanding items in connection with the revocation application. The Company then needs time to review and provide updates back the OSC. The Company continues to be responsive and comply with all their requests for clarification and updates.

In connection with this process, the Company has been required to pay tens of thousands of dollars in late, application, review, and other related fees to all relevant Canadian exchanges. All fees, that the Company is aware of, have been paid.

While we continue to move forward with the review process, the Company is advancing its business development efforts in the background, creating more shareholder value, establishing more efficiencies all while ensuring current customers are being serviced effectively.

New product lines and platforms launched this month leveraging betterU’s all-in-one skills platform:

Work-Here Canada (“WHC”) – – WHC is a platform that supports Canadian Immigration opportunities backed by the Company’s skills platform. The platform is working to:

  • Simplify the immigration process, content, and provide more FAQs.
  • Over 500 Quizzes curated from Canadian Government and added to our platform.
  • CELPIP, IELTS, TEF language practice tests, support and information added to platform.
  • Comprehensive Ranking System tool has been automated and developed to support immigrates in understanding their eligibility.
  • ICCRC Certified Consultant partnerships have been engaged.
  • Promotion of WHC’s annual subscription program will commence early May to 126,000 of betterU’s Facebook and LinkedIn followers from India.

Indigenous Works Canada (“IW“) – – IW is a platform developed in partnership with betterU that will be supporting Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) in Canada’s financial sector.

  • Focus is to support individuals, partners and corporates related to career development, inclusion into the financial sector.
  • Over 250 financial courses and job roles in the financial sector have been curated and added to platform.
  • Promotion and marketing efforts with IW are expected to commence in May 2021.

Together Skills (Global) – – This business model has been developed to support Corporate clients that have multiple office locations or have a group of subsidiary companies that need separate, yet integrated training solutions.

  • The Corporate head office would have access to an overall arcing platform. Each platform, while separate, are still integrated to each other and with the head office increasing their skills development efficiencies, communication, collaboration and management.
  • Our efficiencies with our own SaaS model continues to increase and in doing so the development of structures such as this one now enables betterU to be able to support some of largest global companies’ set-up within very short timelines.
  • In under a week, the Company has already proposed and provided a fully operational demo of this structure to a global organization known to the company. The Company has developed a network of 49 companies, each separately branded, integrated into their own platforms, each having access to their own 3,700 courses across 200 categories, yet also all integrated into their parent company for support, management, and collaboration. The response has been positive and we will continue to work at moving the opportunities forward “Thanks so much for sharing this with me, the platform looks really interesting. Let me find the right person to share this with and get back to you.
  • The Company will be proposing this structure to multiple global organizations in the coming months.

The Company’s SaaS model have proven to be more versatile and able to support even more industries, product lines and a larger global network.

The following provides more details on our Value-Added Resellers and sales network partners that have been established by betterU to expand revenue opportunities across their global territories. Each partner has access to their own branded robust management system, up to 3,700 curated courses, are able to provide programs in their local currency, multiple languages and under their own brand.

Additional VAR set-ups underway, client RFP submissions and proposal that have been provided:

To support the Company’s pivot to global operations, betterU had also established separate branches, with product and services set-up within each region supporting the unique differences within the territories. While the front-end market portal has similarities, the backend management system is customized.

The Company launched this month their Content Integrated Plugin that automates content integration across its global network of partners

  • The company has developed a Content Integrated Plugin (“CIP”) that integrates and updates each sperate VAR and client’s website with the Company’s backend management skills platform content. As each partner has different content needs in terms of topic and scope across thousands of courses, when a change occurs within the company’s content database (in price, descriptions, deletions, inclusion and more), the Company needed the ability to automatically make the change that would be updated not only across all global management platforms, but also within their websites so no matter their independent uniqueness, everything would be kept current.
  • This automation comes out of the lessons learned from the Company’s previous Indian marketplace that required a team of people to manage this process, yet it still resulted in an inability to keep up with changes across thousands of courses and partners.
  • The CIP now updates any partner’s platforms to be updated completed in minutes, by the click of a button.

The Company is in advanced discussions with multiple funding groups

  • betterU has recently been approved for $49,788 in grants from Canada’s IRAP program.
  • betterU Europe is in advanced discussions with multiple investors.

We are working hard to keep our momentum for 2021 going.

With best regards,

Brad Loiselle, CEO betterU

About betterU

betterU is an education-to-employment technology company offering an end-to-end solution leveraging business intelligence to automate skilling, reskilling, and upskilling for companies operating on domestic and global scales. The company supports all industries by providing them with everything an organization needs to launch and manage proper skills development programs, student work integrated learning and employee development, so that they can focus on what really matters: the growth of their people!

betterU’s Ready-To-Go platform provides access to a white labelled all-in-one skills platform that includes access to a library of 3,700 curated and developed skills courses, 800+ job role assessments, 1,000+ subject base assessments and a robust learning management system all hosted and supported by betterU. betterU also provides additional services to include a fully white labelled marketed program, in partnerships with betterU that includes a website that promotes the Company’s strategic partners Ready-To-Go program across their territory.

For more information, please visit

On behalf of the board of directors.

Brad Loiselle, CEO
1-(650) 267-8398
betterU Education Corp.
Investor Relations

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SOURCE: betterU Education Corp.

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