Believe in Yourself and Succeed: The Story of Rex Bradley

Believing in yourself can work wonders and significantly influence your life. It makes a person strong, confident, and ready to tackle whatever obstacles come their way. This creates a sense of accomplishment and ignites motivation to continue further. Furthermore, a person with faith in his abilities and capabilities is unstoppable. He understands how to maneuver through difficult situations and emerge victorious.

Many successful people have made their mark by believing in themselves and their abilities. Rex Bradley is one of these personalities. A well-known name in the legal industry, Rex Bradley is synonymous with endurance, drive, and the ability to believe in oneself. His achievement is intertwined with his desire to make a difference and inspire the next generation. He is now the proud owner of E. Rex Bradley Law Firm, P.C. Let’s look at his inspirational journey.


The Power of Believing in His Skills

Rex had always wanted to be a great lawyer and run a thriving legal business to help others. Negotiating and persuading was always his vital skill, and he felt he had the potential to become a brilliant lawyer. As a result, he obtained his law degree and began working as an assistant prosecutor for Boone County. This allowed him to hone his skills and get courtroom experience.

He then represented clients in St. Charles County, Lincoln County, and Pike County. This increased his clients, and he established himself by winning back-to-back cases. He spent most of his 37-year career in private practice, gathering experience in various criminal cases such as personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal law, family law, workers’ compensation, collections, probate, and estate planning.

Additionally, he has represented some of the most renowned clients, including working with famous personalities such as Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Dean Martin, Jimmy Webb, Ed McMahon, and Connie Stevens. These are proof of his accomplishment as a lawyer.

Throughout his career, Rex also served in the Marine Corps, for which he won significant accolades. He was awarded the Navy Commendation with Combat V for Valor, the Vietnam Service Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Service Medal, the Presidential Unit Citation for the Third 175mm Gun Battery, the Legion of Merit Award, the Platoon Honor Man Award, and the Series Honor Man Award for his service.

Rex now runs his own legal business, E. Rex Bradley Law Firm, P.C., where he has represented many clients. “We are more than a law office; we are the pillar of support and guidance you need to reach satisfactory and sustainable resolutions for your legal issues,”says Rex.



Rex’s path exemplifies how believing in oneself can produce miracles. He is still an important name in the field, and people go to him for practical, honest, and straightforward counsel on various legal issues. He also continues to serve as National Parliamentarian for the Paso Fino Horse Association, Senior Certified Judge, and National Horse Show Judge.

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