深圳, GUANGDONG, 中国, April 5, 2021 / — BEEinspection Co. Ltd has evolved to become the leading FBA inspection service providers company in the market, offering a high-quality inspection service at a reasonable price that satisfies consumer standards. BEEinspection strives to become a business that consistently contributes to the community’s prosperity while also providing excellent FBA inspection services so that customers can benefit from the exceptional decency and dependability of their administrations. This FBA inspection service is mainly available in China, but it also has a broad quality control parameter that applies to another Asian country.

Today, Amazon has become a massive commercial hub, and one lousy product survey will impact your reputation in more ways than you can imagine. If you are planning to sell on Amazon, we highly encourage you to use Amazon FBA check management to remain in line with Amazon’s stringent FBA regulations. These standards were established to enhance Amazon’s quality management for vendors. In order to avoid any negative consequences for your business, it is strongly advised that you engage the services of a professional company such as BEEInspection company to perform an Amazon FBA review of your products and check your item against the Amazon FBA requirements. BEEinspection provides you with a stress-free Amazon FBA inspection to ensure Amazon accepts your products due to low quality or violation of Amazon FBA guidelines.

The Amazon FBA inspection starts at the end of the production process after the products have been prepared and are ready to ship. Before the product is sold on the Amazon website, Amazon has provided customers with a detailed checklist that must be completed. Many companies fail to meet crucial Amazon FBA specifications. As a result, their products and the whole cluster could be terminated due to a lack of compliance with Amazon’s FBA specifications. Consequently, an Amazon FBA investigation is needed to ensure that companies can sell on Amazon without trouble while BEEinspection takes care of the FBA specifications.

Once the products have been completed and packed into cartons, BEEinspection will send Amazon FBA inspection experts to review products and ensure that it meets strict requirements, including the following checklist for measurements and tests during the FBA inspection. The Amazon FBA review checklist is covered in monitoring the product quality against customer needs, confirms that the products follow the specifications outlined in the requirements, and carried out monitoring systems to ensure the goods are reliable. Testing the size and weight of the carton to ensure that they fulfil the FBA’s specifications, applying cardboard tags, suffocation labels, FNSKU labels, and other ways of branding and labeling to the items, and verifying whether the packaging adheres to the Amazon FBA shipment’s criteria is all part of the FBA examination.

For your information, there are several types of inspection facilities for FBA shipping. Pre-shipment inspection is one of the inspection facilities for FBA shipping. Pre-shipment testing is concerned with detecting problems before products are processed and ready for shipping, resulting in a more cost-effective and transparent operation. Inspection authorities usually provide quality inspections in three different ways. First is full inspection (defect sorting service), where each of the products will be review. The second is a spot or random inspection where approximately 10% of the products are checked. And the third is AQL random inspection. For analysis, samples are obtained using the AQL Sampling Technique.

Although a thorough inspection will cost you more money, it is the most reliable method. Consider the following scenario: a partial inspection is being performed, and 20 of the 100 objects selected have defects. What exactly does this imply to you? There is a good chance that there will be more flawed products. When this happens, you can either consider the risk that 20 out of 100 products will be defective or maximize the budget for a detailed review to guarantee that the products are of acceptable quality. Conducting a thorough inspection is, in practice, a suitable alternative. You can also go over the whole quality assurance process, find out how the flaws were produced, and see if any other products are faulty before making a decision.

Daha Zhang
Shenzhen Saiyi Technology Co., Ltd.

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