Becchetti Marketing Opens a Second Office in Chicago

Chris Becchetti of Becchetti Marketing.

Chris Becchetti of Becchetti Marketing.

Christopher Becchetti of Becchetti Marketing.

Christopher Becchetti of Becchetti Marketing.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / — Becchetti Marketing is proud to announce that it is opening a second office in Chicago, Illinois. The move is necessitated by the growing demand for its internet marketing services in the city. The company hopes that by opening the new office, it will make its services more accessible to its existing clientele and draw in new clients who want to use digital marketing techniques to grow their businesses. Through this office, customers will be able to access many services that include social media management, search engine optimization, influencer-driven marketing services, and events management, among others.

Besides the need to bring services closer to the customers, the company is aware of the market’s changing dynamics. Since COVID-19 started, the number of companies that have moved their activities online has shot up. This trend is expected to continue all through the decade. This naturally means that more companies will be looking to advertise their products online. This has created a surge in demand for online marketing services. At the same time, SEO is getting more complex, with companies like Google becoming more restrictive on content that can rise to the top pages. It is now harder for anyone without advanced SEO expertise to market successfully.

Becchetti has the expertise to do it perfectly hence the growing demand for his services in Chicago. He has been in this field for over 5-years and has helped many companies, ranging from startups to national corporations, streamline their marketing operations and grow market share. He intends to use his SEO and other digital marketing skills to help companies make the most of their marketing budget in these changing times. Clients can take confidence in the fact that Becchetti has a wide array of certifications that make it easy for him to deliver. Some of the credentials that he holds in his line of work include Google Ads certification, Google Analytics certification, Hubspot Inbound Certification, among many others. Besides these certifications, Becchetti worked for several top marketing agencies before launching his own. These skills and experience have endeared him to clients and have made him a valuable asset in these times when businesses are fighting for visibility in the digital marketplace.

To efficiently serve clients at the new office, Becchetti has announced that they will offer most of the services virtually. The first and most important reason for this is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Christopher Becchetti has seen how the pandemic has ravaged the worldvirtually and even affected people close to him. For this reason, he is taking every measure possible to protect himself and those around him, and that includes choosing to offer services virtually. The second reason is to reach as many people as possible. In the physical office, there is a limit to how many people he can serve at any given time. However, with the virtual office, that list is limitless since there are tools that customers can take advantage of and handle some of their SEO-related issues by themselves. It is all part of the company’s goal to offer services as efficiently as possible.

To cater to the needs of all clients, the company will be offering marketing services in packages. There will be a premium package and a regular one. The premium package is more expensive but comes with many perks, including highly personalized help with SEO. It also incorporates the latest techniques in digital marketing, including some that Becchetti developed himself. The regular package is equally good too and comes with a lot of tools that can help any business grow its market reach, and by extension, its revenues. It is also noteworthy that both packages come with a week of a free trial. The trial comes mainly in consultation to ensure that the customer gets the service they need to take their business to the next level.

Another aspect of the new office that customers will love is the higher number of marketing assistants. Becchetti took the step to hire more in a bid to offer services as fast as possible. Anyone seeking to do marketing consultation at the new office can expect to be served in a very short time. It is all part of his goal to make customer service the top priority at the new office, but all his offices, including those he will open in the future.

Speaking of the future, Becchetti has major plans for the future of his business. With the second Chicago office now in place, he intends to take his operations national. His strategy to go national will be to ramp up his online operations while opening new offices in strategic cities across the country.

Clients using Becchetti’s services can take pride in the fact that their money is going towards worthy courses. That’s because aside from offering marketing services, Chris is also an avid philanthropist. He has over the years been giving to charities that support the most vulnerable segments of the population and has doubled down on charity since the pandemic started. He hopes to expand his philanthropic activities now that he has a new office, and his revenues are set to go up. Chris has already identified charities that are set to benefit from his soon-to-be expanded philanthropic program. He has a goal to make changing lives for the better one of his business’s long-term legacies.

Becchetti Marketing is a Chicago-based marketing company that deals in everything from social media management to SEO, among many other things. It takes pride in helping companies turn around their fortunes with its innovative marketing solutions. For more information on Chris and Becchetti Marketing, view his crunchbase page or visit Christopher Becchetti’s about me page. His office can also be reached at 779-235-0288.

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