Attorneys with Swag Releases Debut Hip-Hop Single, DEDUCT IT

The track is based on episode 2 of the show Attorneys with Swag, “Business Deductions.”

BRONX, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2021 / — Attorneys with Swag is excited to announce the release of their debut single, “DEDUCT IT,” which was released worldwide on April 2, 2021. The new hip-hop track is based on episode 2 of the show Attorneys with Swag, titled “Business Deductions,” in which the attorneys casually discuss how to create and maintain small businesses, especially when it comes to filing taxes.

Attorneys with Swag is a group of inspirational attorneys and educators whose mission is to educate Americans in lower income communities through non-traditional means. Through a lens the group calls its Three Pillars of Understanding, Attorneys with Swag is able to take typically dry foreign topics, like the law, and combine realism, diversity, education, and entertainment – all in one discussion-based setting to educate and empower its audience.

In the group’s most recent news, Attorneys with Swag has launched their first single, “DEDUCT IT.” “DEDUCT IT” brilliantly teaches young aspiring business owners what type of expenses can be deducted during tax time to keep more money in their pocket, protect them from liability, and maintain a successful business. In other words, their debut track, in conjunction with their TV show, is a perfect example of just how uniquely versatile and talented “Attorneys with Swag” is.

““DEDUCT IT” is just a glimpse into the future of what to expect from Attorneys with Swag, including our upcoming debut album, “PRIMIS,”” says CEO of the group, Eugene D Toussaint. “The album will include a musical track from every filmed episode of the TV show and will feature an old school hip-hop vibe, similar to Public Enemy or the Wu-Tang Clan, but also with a new school feel. Attorneys with Swag tackles the same issues addressed by these infamous rap groups, but with a more knowledgeable and modern step-by-step approach to dealing with the law of today. In other words, Attorneys with Swag is not really saying “f*ck the police” like back in the day, but rather, sue the police.”

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About Attorneys with Swag

As a group of lawyers and educators, Attorneys with Swag is a rare talent in the entertainment industry, as they are able to reach and teach their audience in a uniquely entertaining way. Using their “Three Pillars of Understanding,” which includes a TV show, musical composition, and their heavy online presence, their sole mission is to empower the masses with an understanding of the law in an effort to improve one’s quality of life.

Eugene D Toussaint, CEO
Attorneys with Swag
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