Announcing the Upcoming Launch of the Firestad Smart Link Fire Safety Protection Systems (LFSPS)

LFSPS Will Be Able to Help Fight Ember Attacks, Reducing the Chance of a Home Catching on Fire from Wildfires

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2021 / John Olin and Ron Calonica from the Link Corporation company are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their Firestad smart Link Fire Safety Protection Systems (LFSPS), a system that can help to fight ember attacks and ultimately save homes during wildfires.

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As a company spokesperson noted, Olin and Calonica are concerned about the many wildfires that break out across the United States every year, destroying many homes in the process. They also know that indoor sprinkler systems will not protect homeowners from an external fire.

This knowledge inspired Olin to create the Link Fire Safety Protection Systems (LFSPS), which will protect homes, possessions and lives by putting out fires before they can start. Calonica was brought on board to help market the system and help figuratively bring it to life.

“Link Corporation’s smart LFSPS is a very efficient fire suppression system,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the smart link activated fire protection system is integrated into any water supply and is powered by a 300-PSI water pump to ensure adequate water pressure.

“When activated by your smart device, a high-pressure water stream will run through the LFSPS water dispersion system, discharging a heavy water stream and spray, covering all exterior surface areas and thus soaking and protecting your structure.”

The LFSPS, which is currently the focus of a fundraiser on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, will not only help to reduce the likelihood of fire outbreaks, it will also add a layer of safety to homes while possibly lowering insurance premiums.

The installation of Link Fire Safety Protection Systems has been shown to lower the chance of a homeowner’s structure burning down by 96 percent, the spokesperson noted. LFSPS will also assist in keeping firefighters safe by helping them to avoid inhaling toxic smoke and aerosols emitted from burning homes.

Link Corporation will offer five different options for the LFSPS, including a solar powered system, one powered by a generator and a surrounding perimeter sprinkler system. As a bonus, while wind will impact the way other exterior sprinkler systems work, the spokesperson noted the discharge spray from the LFSPS will not be disturbed by the wind.

About the Firestad smart Link Fire Safety Protection Systems:

Firestad smart Link Fire Safety Protection Systems was created to help people protect their homes from wildfires. For more information, please visit

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Firestad(TM) Link Fire Safety Protection Systems

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