Announcing the Launch of WinkSprout, the Exciting New Influencer Platform with a Buzz

Hyper-growth influencer marketing agency WinkSprout creates amazing relationships between influencers and businesses.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2021 / — WinkSprout is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new platform that helps businesses and brands create a viral buzz by means of like-minded influencers. According to co-founder Tiffany Rose, WinkSprout focuses on matching brands to influencers that perfectly align with their brand’s unique message. WinkSprout’s influencers create beautiful content so brands can grow exponentially through brand awareness, social proof and organic views.

“Day in, day out, I represent some of the biggest brands in the world that are already established with huge marketing budgets,” says Rose. “This left me thinking how does a small brand grow? The answer is WinkSprout. The key to building a brand and creating huge brand awareness is through support of the right micro and macro influencers. Having spent a year building this amazing platform, our team knows exactly what it takes to build a brand, create huge brand awareness and marketing that you get to keep forever and repurpose. We create the perfect match, matching businesses with the best possible influencers.”

Rose explains that the WinkSprout platform is designed to suit start-ups and established businesses.

“We have clients in all types of industries with businesses that are large and small,” she adds. “And they are all pretty much amazed at how much organic traffic they get as a result of our services.”

WinkSprout works by connecting businesses to micro-influencers who match their criteria while complementing their ethos, style and vibe. After signing up to their preferred plan and explaining the nature of their service or product, businesses are asked to approve the list of influencers and deliver the digital or physical product to them.

“It’s fast, easy, and an unbeatable way to scale your business,” Rose concludes.

For more information about WinkSprout, visit the website at

About the Company

Based in Beverly Hills, California, and co-founded by Tiffany Rose, a former actress and model turned entrepreneur. WinkSprout matches businesses and brands with like-minded micro-influencers. Clients see an increase in organic views and brand awareness along with growing sales. A choice of monthly or yearly packages is available, depending on the size of the business and how many influencers are required, and results are guaranteed.

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