An HR director at Amazon’s self-driving outfit Zoox reveals 2 résumé tips to boost your odds of landing an interview

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If you want to work at Zoox, the autonomous-vehicle company owned by Amazon, pay close attention to detail when writing your résumé.

In an interview with Insider, Georgina Salamy, Zoox’s director of talent acquisition and insights, described two big résumé mistakes that catch her eye. Both stem from a lack of precision.

The first is listing the achievements of your team, or even your company as a whole, without describing your contributions to them.

“That doesn’t tell us much,” Salamy said.

Of course, many jobs require some amount of teamwork to solve challenging problems or tackle important projects, but Salamy said candidates should be as specific as possible about the work they themselves have done. That doesn’t mean candidates should make their résumés longer, Salamy said. It’s more a matter of making sure your résumé presents a strong case for you, rather than your company.

Thinking about the professional achievements you’re proudest of, even if they don’t directly relate to the projects you’d be working on at Zoox, will also make you better prepared if you land an interview, where Salamy said she and her team will dig in further on your accomplishments. 

After you’ve optimized your résumé’s content, proofread it multiple times to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Then have someone else do the same.

“Résumés should be read 10 times, and then 10 times by someone you trust,” Salamy said.

With the amount of proofreading software available to today’s job applicants, there’s no excuse to submit a résumé with typos, Salamy said. While a single mistake won’t eliminate you from contention, it can put you at a disadvantage against other applicants.

“That small thing that could have easily been avoided, it might have a bigger impact than you’d expect,” Salamy said.

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