An Artist-Entrepreneur Clovis AP Is Helping Businesses And Creators Make A Living Online With Instagram

Clovis AP in his GOMAGEAR attire

Clovis AP in his GOMAGEAR attire

A lot of people might have known this already. The story of a young International Artist who took the risk and started a successful online business empire

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 / — Graduated as Civil Engineer at University, Clovis AP focused his energy into Art, something people though he would never make a living out of. Soon after, Clovis AP started ClovisAPTheArtist Studio, he got his first brand deals with International NGOs, and the rest is history.

Clovis AP became the person he is today by not taking No as an answer and not giving up. That is one of the reasons why he got successful.

Later, the internet got so hyped, a lot small talk about Instagram marketing were spreading and people started to question, ‘Is this the scam?’ ‘Is this reliable?’ ‘Is it sustainable?’ ‘there are so many people in Instagram marketing, it has to saturated by now.’ ‘Instagram marketing is dead already.’
But, for Clovis AP nothing is dead, Instagram marketing still is as alive as it has ever been.

Led by passion and the urge to solve people’s problems, Clovis AP founded his clothing and footwear manufacturing company GOMAGEAR in 2008 and on Instagram in 2017 to reaching more success and growth, as well as revenue in February 2018, exactly 10 months later, marking his first six-figure month in income.

But his story doesn’t start there. Clovis AP attributes his success to God and his smart work when internet was not so hyped as it is today. While most people his age were playing video games and stuck in toxic relationships, he was always hustling hard.

Throughout middle and high school, Clovis AP started selling his paintings on Fine Art America and later Facebook Marketplace as many artists and other entrepreneurs were doing. He also began doing graphic design, web design, branding, custom murals and paintings for various organizations worldwide such as Oxfam, UNICEF, C.A.R.E, to quote a few.

At 18, right before college, he was working as an Art Director, made a lot of money and built a legacy with his late Group Gabriel Hope co-founder Norbert Chika to whom he always gives homage for believing in his crazy dreams and together they made many of their dreams come true despite their age gaps, Norbert Chika had great respect for him and that was mutual.

Clovis AP still kept running his Facebook pages and Instagram after some years. When he reached as little as 1,000 followers on one of his pages, he made one of his first $100 USD online by selling a painting via Instagram DM (Direct Message) and after 5,000 followers he made his first $50 selling a “shoutout” to a business. More businesses began reaching out to him, and he started making some money through his pages. Clovis AP documented his journey and was always writing down everything he was learning along the way.

As he was making a lot of money, he was also losing a lot of it trying new things and ways to advertise online using all the social media outlets out there, as he said,

“I learned the hard way and finally made it, I will never want anyone to suffer the way I did.” – Clovis AP

Relentless, he kept applying what was working and he figured everything out and expanded from Instagram to other social media outlets and beyond.

At University, Clovis AP remained a hustler and was supporting part of his tuition fees and helping his family out on some occasions.

Having worked so hard and smart on his pages and business, Clovis AP started creating initiatives and communities for Artist and entrepreneurs, GodGivenGifts1, GodGivenGifts1 Magazine, and offered his services with Clovis AP The Artist Studio and CAP WORLD Top Life along with many other business ventures.

“It was all just a dream. No footsteps to follow, I had to stamp mine, with the help of The Most High and the genuine support I received from complete strangers that are now part of my journey.” – Clovis AP

Clovis AP went from being an artist to being a great entrepreneur helping artist with the business side of art and business to scale with online marketing and advertising to six-figures and beyond using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, and so on, mixed with some of his organic growth strategies along with SEO and Copywriting.

He always laughs saying, “Sharing is caring.”

Clovis AP attributes much of his success to God, he calls The Most High Yah, and everyone who genuinely supported him even when they did not know who he was, but still believed in him.

“Seeing people lacking support to start their businesses or just starting something for a living breaks me up and as long ago I was in the same shoes and paved my way up, all that rejoices me is to give back and show them Hope is still there, they can make it too.” – Clovis AP

Fast-forward to 2020, and when the pandemic hit, Clovis AP returned back to his YouTube channel which has over 1.2K subscribers, 26K+ Followers on Instagram and still growing; after a long time not being active, he refreshed it with the value he always gives, this time with videos as well.

As and author, Clovis AP also offers a paid online Instagram mastery ebook called “MASTERGRAM” that takes every creator, business owner and brands through a simple and well explained process on how to start and grow a profitable Instagram business from scratch.
In the book, Clovis AP shares the strategies he learned from experience and how he applied everything to his social media accounts that paved the way to his Instagram mastery after its launch in 2010. This straightforward approach allows his readers to learn what he does every step of the way, including the exact social media marketing strategies that propelled him into his e-commerce empire back in 2007-2008.

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