American Association of Dental Boards Launches New Accreditation Program for Continuing Education

An Innovative Approach to Accreditation

WASHINGTON, D.C, US, March 24, 2021 / — The American Association of Dental Boards (AADB) is excited to announce the launch of their new continuing education platform, Accredited Continuing Education (ACE). This innovative approach to continuing education accreditation has many advantages over traditional programs. This amazing format excels in several ways including credibility, accountability, simplicity of application, tracking, quality assurance, logistics, and most of all, protection of the public.

The credibility is derived from the 138-year-old American Association of Dental Boards founded in 1883. The basis of the accreditation is the approval of the courses themselves, their content, and the format by which they are delivered. Strict guidelines must be met with emphasis upon educating participants to better protect the public. Courses must improve the knowledge and/or skills of the caregiver such that they render improved treatment for their patients.

Another aspect of the ACE program is the welcoming of courses from companies involved in dental materials and technology. Most advances in dentistry have come from the research and product development of dental companies. Dental teams rely heavily on the materials and technology to implement in the restoration and treatment of dental diseases and abnormalities. These materials actually dictate the techniques that must be adhered to in order to deliver the best results. Clinicians rely on the dental industry to supply them with research and product development and welcome assistance in educating the profession as to the best way to implement the technologies for maximum efficiency.

Additionally, an amazing aspect of this system is that credits for the courses will be placed in our database such that participants will automatically have records of their CEU’s and that information will be shared with the appropriate state dental boards.

The ACE program’s website is Questions can be emailed to

Tonia Socha-Mower
American Association of Dental Boards

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