Amazon made a small change to its app icon after the design reminded some people of Hitler’s mustache

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The recently redesigned Amazon app icon has been changed yet again by the tech company after some customers saw a resemblance to Adolf Hitler’s infamous mustache, The Verge reported.

Amazon first rolled out an update to the app’s icon in January, according to reporting from The Verge. The icon featured Amazon’s signature smiling arrow, but a jagged row of tape atop it made some users think of the Nazi dictator.

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After some Twitter users posted about the unsettling resemblance, Amazon quietly changed the design, swapping out the jagged tape for a boxier counterpart that makes it look more like a package and less like a face. 

The former Amazon app icon was a simple white box, and the redesign is an effort to brand the company with its distinctive brown box and blue tape formula. However, users continue to see faces in the icon. 

This time, Twitter was abuzz with comparisons to “Avatar: The Last Airbender”‘s Aang, with his distinctive blue-striped bald head. 


As Marketplace reported in 2019, Amazon has gone through several logos since going from a bookstore to a retail behemoth. The current logo, with sans serif text and the smiling arrow, came about in 2012, after the company dropped the “.com” from the logo. 

An Amazon spokesperson said in a statement that the company “introduced an icon in select countries and made changes based on customer feedback before we rolled it out worldwide.”

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