All-In-One London Hospitality and Retail Solution LMSC By FoodChef Connects Businesses to Communities Across London

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 8, 2021 / — FoodChef Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of LMSC by FoodChef, an all-in-one London hospitality and retail solution available online and by mobile app. LMSC stands for “London Member Specialist Club.” Also known as “The Millennial On-Demand Hospitality Specialist Network,” LMSC can help users find whatever they are looking for and help businesses connect with people who would be interested in their service or delivery. The platform also helps business owners improve the efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sustainability of their operations.

From the convenience of a mobile device, LMSC business users can optimize deliveries, hospitality recruitment services, and digital marketing-related services, propelling their business models into the future while keeping customers happy and employees safe. On the customer side, LMSC users can place orders and receive speedy, efficient deliveries and services. Because delivery drivers are tasked with updating their deliveries in real-time, customers are kept totally in the loop from the beginning of their delivery to the end.

LMSC’s business partners live locally and are trained to give users exactly what they need from their favorite local shop at collection prices. Besides shopping services, users can also use LMSC to find an on-demand cleaner or babysitter, hire a local expert to plan their weddings or film a video for their small business, and so much more. Uniquely, LMSC can connect users with local DJs and events, helping nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and other similar businesses find the entertainment, hospitality, and service industry services they need. The options for users are virtually limitless, and new services spanning different industries are joining LMSC every day.
“Our mission is to become an efficiency-driven household legacy brand in the revolutionary technology-driven food, health, and safety,” says a company spokesperson. “Our team and business partners live locally and see us as not only part of their community, but also as a part of a much bigger vision.”

FoodChef offers several pricing plans for businesses looking to take advantage of the opportunities provided by LMSC. Plans include “Starter,” “Pro,” and “Gold,” and each plan includes its own benefits. All plans come with a 14-day free trial to give users the opportunity to see if LMSC is right for them. Users can also join as drivers, allowing them to deliver goods with care to LMSC customers, track deliveries, and make money.

FoodChef also offers lucrative franchise opportunities allowing businesses to invest in their future, grow their brand, and connect with the revolutionary local tech communities leading the world toward greater consciousness and a sustainable future.

To learn more about FoodChef Ltd, please click Additionally, LMSC is available for download in the Google Play store.

About FoodChef Ltd

London Member Specialist Club by FoodChef is a UK-based Specialist Marketing and Human Resources Technology company that connects local businesses with communities from all backgrounds with the best in their cities. By sharing their profits with local businesses, FoodChef generates new ways for people to earn, work, and live happy and healthy lives. FoodChef started by facilitating door-to-door delivery in London. Now, they are looking to expand into other major cities while working toward their mission.

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