Alkaline Certification Now Being Provided in United States for Food, Beverage and Personal Care Products

Alkaline Certified

Alkaline Certified

Recently Established Corporation, Alkaline Certified, is Dedicated to
Spreading Awareness of Health Benefits of Alkaline Products

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA., USA, March 25, 2021 / — A new company, Alkaline Certified, has been formed to certify and champion the many health benefits of alkaline-based food, beverage and whole-body products, which include improved kidney health and the removal of toxins, stimulation of the brain and nervous system and the promotion of weight loss.

Alkalinity means that something has a pH (the measure of the hydrogen ion concentration) higher than seven, explained Brandon Burrell, Alkaline Certified’s founder. The human body is naturally slightly alkaline, with a blood pH of around 7.4. Alkaline Certified is dedicated to ensuring alkaline products’ pH levels accurately range from seven to 14 on the alkalinity scale.

“Alkaline Certified is committed to certifying and building sources of alkalinity products, educating consumers and providing certification. We believe that all consumers have the right to know if their food is alkaline or acid based,” Burrell said.

The rapidly expanding Alkaline Certified works closely with the scientific community and food manufacturers in support of those who seek wellness through proper nutrition. Certifications are provided after through scientific research and detailed analysis.

Burrell said Alkaline Certified works with companies to align them with Alkaline Certified’s core values, which he named as:

• Affirming consumers have a right to know if the products they purchase are actually alkaline.

• Bringing transparency to the food and beverage industry by certifying alkaline products.

• Supporting retailers who produce alkaline products and bringing authenticity to their products through Alkaline Certified’s certification system.

• Establishing winning relationships and partnerships with retailers.

• Giving expertise, time and money back to the community.

For companies seeking alkaline certification, Alkaline Certified’s services include facilitating symbol trademark rights; ingredient management; audit certificates; brand equity; client advocacy; and ongoing personalized services.

Alkaline Certified offers fast and efficient turnaround times for product inspection as well as certification services and comprehensive online management and global coverage for businesses, no matter the size or scope of a request.

Once a company receives an Alkaline Certified seal of approval, Alkaline Certified develops a strategy that maximizes brand equity for them and ensures customers are willing to pay a premium for the quality and peace of mind alkaline certification offers. The certification process takes from three-to-five months.

Alkaline Certified is the fastest growing label in the natural products industry and its seal has become firmly rooted in the minds of health-conscious consumers, making Alkaline Certified the most trusted name in alkaline certification.

“I have a deep passion for alkaline products and was inspired to create a company that could provide an abundance of awareness of these products along with compliance in an industry where it doesn’t exist,” Burrell said. “We are excited to introduce and spread awareness to consumers in the United States and provide manufacturers of these products further brand recognition that their products deserve.”

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