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Without the proper guidance and support, Veterans often applied to use their VA home buying benefits but were unsuccessful. I give them specific action steps which helps them successfully buy a home”

— Al Denson

DALLAS-FORT WORTH , TEXAS, USA, April 6, 2021 / — Al Denson is a REALTOR® with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Winans in the Dallas – Fort Worth area of Texas.

For more than 30 years he has been working in the real estate sales and finance industry. A great majority of his focus throughout that time has been helping Veterans to finance or purchase a home using their VA home buying benefits.

He is originally from Mississippi where he lived with his mother, who was a rural schoolteacher. In the early 1960’s she moved the two of them to Michigan, where there were better schools and employment opportunities.

Making the adjustment from the rural, agriculturally based South to an auto manufacturing city in the urban North was a difficult transition. Everything was different from the extreme winter weather to social interactions, especially as a 7th grader starting junior high school with no established friendships.
After high school and attending Michigan State University, Al worked as a professional photographer for a number of years before moving to California in the early 80’s. There he married his wife Ann of 38 years.

Al’s first direct experience working with veterans came as a solar energy consultant in a Southern California real estate firm that specialized in VA home sales. When the federal energy tax credits phased out in the 80’s it significantly reduced their affordability. They were subsequently phased out altogether.
Having worked closely with Veterans previously, Al accepted the opportunity to train as an in-house mortgage loan officer for a local Southern California lender. In addition to his loan origination training, he was required to have a California real estate sales license, which he obtained in 1987 and held active until May of 1995.

Many of the Veterans that Al met had served in Vietnam and had not been treated respectfully when they returned home. They faced a host of adjustment issues from meaningful employment to health concerns, as well as the difficulty of purchasing a home. Without the proper guidance and support, they often applied to use their VA home buying benefits but were unsuccessful.

It was an extremely difficult conversation explaining to a Veteran who has sacrificed and served honorably, that they did not qualify for a VA home loan. They were told that they were entitled to it but often unable to meet the qualifying criteria. Al learned that by informing Veterans on the home loan application process and giving them specific action steps to improve their credit and financial profile, they were often able to successfully purchase a home using VA benefits.

In 1989 Al became a contract and due diligence underwriter for several national companies that contracted with the Resolution Trust Corporation. This was the agency established by the federal government to manage the assets of failed Savings and Loan banks, which became insolvent and were seized by their regulatory agencies in the mid1980’s.

Working all over the country, under different state and regional regulations, reviewing title and mortgage documents that sometimes dated back to the late 1700’s, was like going to a mortgage college. The vast exposure, along with the mortgage underwriting skills acquired while performing these duties, gave Al a most comprehensive mortgage banking foundation that covered multiple facets of the industry. With his national mortgage experience, Al advanced his career to regional fulfillment leadership roles. He performed in that capacity for Wachovia, Washington Mutual, JP Morgan Chase, Met Life Bank and USAA Bank.

Mr. Denson exited the mortgage banking industry in 2014 and acquired his Texas real estate sales license. He aligned himself with the iconic Better Homes and Gardens brand and the very reputable Winans brokerage firm, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for over 30 years. His Military Relocation Professional certification and his extensive mortgage finance and real estate sales experience over the past two decades confirm that Al is committed to helping Veterans and has the expertise to do so.

For more information about this Military Friendly REALTOR®, using your VA home buying benefits and other relocation services that he provides, please visit the following websites:

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